Sound and Wireless Projection System for Calisi Hotel in Belgrade

Calisi Hotel, located in the heart of Belgrade, opened its doors at the end of 2022, offering a stylish design, comfortable accommodations, excellent service, and a range of additional facilities. Designed to cater to the modern tourist, the hotel provides everything needed for a solo traveler, couples, or families.

  • Client: Calisi Hotel in Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2023

The investor of the newly opened Calisi Hotel has approached us with a specific request to equip the restaurant, designed as a versatile and multifunctional space, with advanced audio-video equipment. This included the installation of a modern presentation system, catering to the organization of various private events and business meetings.


The presentation system consists of Sony ultra-short laser projector with up to 5000 lumens of high brightness and a 123" motorized projection screen. Communication between the device that reproduces the content and the projector is done via the Infobit iShare 100 wireless presentation system with a 3in1 dongle (USBA/C/HDMI connectors). Thus, presentations and other content from smart devices and laptops are displayed on a large projection surface without cables or additional equipment.


In addition to the requested presentation system, we have also addressed the need for an appropriate sound system in the restaurant area. Collaborating closely with interior designers, we have designed and installed a comprehensive sound system that caters to various requirements, including ambient music, live concerts, and audio playback during presentations.

To seamlessly integrate the sound system into the restaurant's interior, we have opted for RCF PL8X ceiling speakers. These speakers match the color of the walls and ceiling, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic. Their discreet design allows them to blend in harmoniously while delivering high-quality sound reproduction throughout the day.

For the main sound system, we have chosen RCF Compact M12 speakers. These multipurpose two-way full-range speakers provide exceptional audio performance, ensuring that live concerts and other events held in the restaurant are acoustically immersive and enjoyable.

To control and optimize the sound system, we have integrated a DSP audio processor with a touch screen. This user-friendly interface allows for seamless management of the audio settings and configurations. The DSP audio processor is housed within a rack cabinet alongside RCF IPS 2700 amplifiers, providing reliable and efficient amplification for the entire sound system.


With our carefully designed sound system, we aim to create a captivating audio experience that complements the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. From soothing background music during the day to live performances and presentations, the sound system ensures exceptional sound quality and versatility, enriching the dining and event experience for our guests.


We are thrilled to hear that the installation of our audiovisual equipment and wireless projection system at Calisi Hotel has garnered such positive feedback from both guests and staff. It is always our aim to provide the highest quality of visualization and sound, along with practical and user-friendly features, to enhance the overall experience at the hotel.