AV Presentation System and Stage Lights for The Sterija National Theater

The Steria National Theatre, nestled in the heart of Vršac, was established in 1945 and has since served as the vibrant epicenter of the city's cultural life. The theatre complex, spreading over an expansive area of 2,100 square meters, harmoniously integrates the charm of the old hall and stage with the modern functionality of a new section added in 1974. The theatre's pride and joy are the magnificent Big Stage. Boasting over 400 seats, and with an extra 100 seats available, it is lauded as one of the most aesthetically appealing theatre halls across our nation.

  • Client: The Sterija National Theater
  • Date of project: 2023

Recognizing that a significant portion of the theatre's equipment hails from the 1970s and 1980s, the Vršac City Administration has taken a decisive step to refurbish the theatre. They aim to infuse it with state-of-the-art professional lighting, sound, and video equipment, ensuring that the Steria National Theatre continues to be a beacon of cutting-edge cultural experiences.




Our skilled team has meticulously installed the latest stage lighting and audio-visual presentation systems, catapulting the Steria National Theatre to the forefront of technical and technological prowess. As a result, it not only ranks among the best-equipped theatres in our country but also stands as a regional leader.


Sound system


The sound system consists of d&b audiotechnik 24S full range 2-way passive loudspeaker housing two 12” drivers and one 3" tweeter, as well as subwoofers that, due to their cardioid directional characteristics, do not create sound behind, which facilitates work on stage. Speakers and floor monitors were also installed for the second plan on the stage.

Sound processing is done via DiGiCo mixing console with 2 touch screens and 21 motorized faders with a corresponding stage box for easier access to audio channels on stage. Using the console, the signal is sent to the audio amplifier through the digital output, which enables sound quality at the highest possible level.


Video system


The video presentation system consists of a laser projector with WUXGA resolution and 8,400 lumens of brightness. It has the ability to work in any 360° position, so it can be positioned differently (hoist, scenography, floor or some third element). The noise level during operation does not exceed 37dB, which makes it an excellent choice for theaters, since it does not disturb the actors during performances. The distribution of video signal from the stage to the projector is easy with a suitable video extender with multiple connection points on the stage. The new 6 m projection screen made it possible to fit the image into the scenographic elements.



Stage lighting


The stage lighting system of the Steria National Theatre now proudly boasts the latest technological innovations. Old halogen spotlights have been fully replaced with cutting-edge LED lighting fixtures, rendering the previously used dimmer unit obsolete. The theatre has seen the integration of top-notch static Spotlights and automated Chauvet light fixtures.


One of the defining characteristics of the Profile lighting fixtures is the light source that employs six types of diodes. This innovative feature empowers the light designer to craft artistic scenes with remarkably seamless transitions to warm white, eliminating the need for filters. PC spotlights have given way to the new LED lighting fixtures, emitting a rich, warm white light source. Additionally, the introduction of LED cycloramas with five types of diodes ensures uniform illumination of the canvas, as well as various scenic elements, thereby enriching the overall visual narrative.


Automated LED wash and spot lighting fixtures ensure the movement of light on the stage, while the feature of the new tracking cannon is exceptional optics that enable additional lighting of the actors, which makes the work of the lighting designer easier.


The feature of LED light fixtures is minimal heat dissipation, which improves the cooling of the space. In addition, electricity consumption is much lower (from 7 to 10 times) compared to halogen lighting fixtures, which results in minimal maintenance costs. The control of LED lighting fixtures compared to halogen is easier since they are much more resistant to sudden movements when directing the light beam.


For efficient stage lighting control, the theatre now boasts a versatile MA Lighting console equipped with two touch screens, a system revered as the leading standard in numerous global cultural institutions.

The sweeping reconstruction and equipment upgrade have successfully mitigated the challenges previously faced by the Steria National Theatre in its daily operations. Furthermore, this refurbishment has unlocked limitless potential for crafting new artistic masterpieces, as well as enhancing the existing works that form its staple repertoire. These advancements promise a brighter future, steeped in vibrant creativity and cutting-edge technology.


Following the comprehensive system installation, our expert team embarked on a thorough training program for the theatre's technical staff. This training was designed to ensure they are adept at operating the newly implemented state-of-the-art system, thereby ensuring seamless performances and maximum utilization of the advanced technology.