DiGiCo SD11 and Waves Server for Željko Vasić

Since his appearance at the "Sunčane skale" festival in Herceg Novi over two decades ago, singer Željko Vasić has been capturing the hearts of the audience. The musical talent inherited from his father, his distinctive vocal tone and beautiful songs have enabled him to build an impressive music career and stand shoulder to shoulder with the biggest names in the contemporary domestic pop scene.

  • Client: Željko Vasić
  • Date of project: 2023

If Željko had fulfilled his childhood dream and become a pilot, the domestic music scene would have been at a loss. However, life "decided" differently, and music became his calling. Undeniable talent and invaluable knowledge acquired in elementary and high music school gave this talented singer and songwriter a boost in the music industry by the time he was 20 years old.

Since then, 23 years have passed during which Željko has won numerous awards at festivals and released three studio albums and numerous singles, each becoming a hit.

In addition to his beautiful songs and angelic voice, the audience loves Željko for the close connection he establishes with them during concerts. Anyone who has attended one of his performances knows how much of a perfectionist Željko is when it comes to sound quality. For him, investing in high-quality audio equipment is essential to provide his loyal audience with an unforgettable experience during live performances. That's why he recently decided to enhance his sound processing capabilities by acquiring the DiGiCo SD series mixer.

The DiGiCo SD11 console is equipped with a 15-inch TFT LCD touch screen and touch-sensitive moving faders. It features a large number of channels, with 48 input channels at 48kHz or 96kHz expandable to 80 input channels. The master section includes 12 interchangeable 32-band graphic equalizers, 6 stereo effects, and 8 control groups (VCAs). With snapshots, it is possible to switch between fully configured and pre-configured setups in any live environment, whether it's a rehearsal, system setup, or performance. Like other representatives of the DiGiCo SD series, the console features Stealth Digital Processing and Super FPGA technology.

To ensure flawless real-time plugin processing and fully utilize the mixer's potential, Željko has also purchased the Waves Proton SoundGrid server.

We have recently contacted Željko to ask him about his first impressions in working with the SD11 DiGiCo console and Waves server.

Why did you choose to acquire the DiGiCo SD11 audio console and Waves server?

Željko: I’ve had the opportunity to try many new and modern consoles. At every concert, I would go to the mixing console to listen to the sound and see which one was being used. Each time, DiGiCo caught more of my attention compared to other consoles, especially the SD11. It's not too big for transportation, and when it comes to sound, it meets all the criteria of serious concert consoles.

What are your first impressions in working with this equipment? Do you notice a difference compared to the equipment you used before?

Željko: What matters most to me and what I value in a mixer is channel summing and high-quality EQ. I got all of that with the SD11 - exceptional quality and comfort in operation.

Since you're also involved in composing, how will the DiGiCo SD11 mixer and Waves server help you in your own creations?

Željko: I'm very familiar with Waves from studio work. I know what to expect, and I'm very happy that I can use the whole package for live performances. It's an addition that incredibly enhances the capabilities of the console, resulting in high-quality sound. I'm very satisfied with the SD11; I even use it for high-quality live recordings, which opens up new possibilities for me.