d&b audiotechnik system for Milan Jovanović Jabučanac

When discussing one of Serbia's most popular musical instruments, the accordion, we cannot overlook the name of Milan Jovanović Jabučanac. He has dedicated many years to preserving the Serbian melodic tradition, ensuring its enchanting presence at every event with his virtuosic melodies.

  • Client: Milan Jovanović Jabučanac
  • Date of project: 2023


In addition to his talent, experience, and carefully selected repertoire, Jabučanac owes the success of his performances to the top-notch equipment he consistently innovates.

Following his acquisition of the DiGiCo SD 11 console and the Waves server, which we have previously mentioned, Jabučanac decided to enhance his existing sound system. His choice fell upon the d&b audiotechnik system comprising V7P satellites, V-GSUB subwoofers, and a D40 audio amplifier. Despite its compact size, this powerful system is remarkably user-friendly, quick to assemble, set up, and control, making it an exceptional option for live music performances.

The 3-way passive V7P loudspeakers boast two 10-inch drivers, an 8-inch MF driver, and a 1.4-inch compression driver. These components are symmetrically arranged around the central axis, resulting in perfect sound dispersion. The V-GSUB, a high-performance cardioid subwoofer, employs a cardioid dispersion pattern to minimize unwanted energy behind the system. This reduces the reverberant field's interference at lower frequencies, ensuring highly accurate reproduction of low frequencies.

With the acquisition of the d&b audiotechnik system, Jabučanac now possesses elegantly designed and portable sound system that allows for easier sound control in challenging acoustic environments. Unlike other systems of comparable size, this system evenly distributes sound even in unusually large spaces. Its substantial and precisely directed acoustic energy renders it suitable for both intimate gigs and grand performances.

Moreover, the system's high sound resolution enables finer sound processing with the DiGiCo SD11 mixer, as well as more precise Waves processing with pronounced effects.

As we have done in previous projects, we remain at the client's disposal for any additional inquiries regarding the system and its setup.

To get acquainted with the user experience in working with the system, we contacted Milan, and he shared his impressions with us.

In my two decades of working with my orchestra, I've experienced numerous systems. This gives me a unique perspective on the V7P and V-GSUB. Our team has remained consistent in our musical direction and sound, always delivering what our audience loves. Without our audience, our success wouldn't be possible”, Milan stressed. "I personally value quality, and I believe our audience does too. That's why I wanted to share our experience with the d&b system.Upon incorporating the d&b system, our understanding of arrangements deepened. The system offers unparalleled clarity, allowing every detail to shine. This clarity makes it easier to evaluate the sound quality and make informed decisions. I find it challenging to compare the d&b PA system with any other. One standout reason is its consistency. The sound it delivers is so consistent that it feels like I'm in a studio regardless of the venue. This means that a good mix translates well to almost any location, streamlining our on-site setups. With the integration of the DiGiCo SD11, Waves server, and d&b, I believe we've come full circle. This setup will serve my orchestra and our audience well in the coming years. Feedback so far indicates that our listeners indeed notice and appreciate the difference”.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Milan for sharing his insights on the d&b audiotechnik system. Coupled with the DiGiCo SD11 audio mixer and Waves server, he finds it to be a harmonious match.

To musicians contemplating the d&b audiotechnik system or those who wish to experience it live: please don't hesitate. Reach out to us at 021 4720 556 or info@avlprojekts.rs. We're eager to offer demonstrations in our demo room and consult with you to find a system that aligns with your specific desires and requirements.