Sound System Installation for Coincasa at Galerija Shopping Mall

Established in 1962, Coincasa has cemented its reputation as a premier interior design brand. Its distinct style, a harmonious blend of varying styles and trends, has made it a reference point in the domain of home décor. Coincasa stands out for its high-quality products, crafted from premium materials, detailed intricacies, and unique combinations that add a touch of irresistible elegance to contemporary homes.

  • Client: Galerija Shopping Mall, Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2023

In a bid to elevate the in-store experience for visitors at the Coincasa outlet in Belgrade's Galerija Shopping Mall, there arose a need to acoustically enhance the space.

The objective was clear: design and implement a sound system that delivered uniform audio throughout the store, without compromising the space's aesthetic appeal or the integrity of its installation. Given the myriad of valuable items adorning the shelves, traditional wall-mounted speakers were ruled out. But, undeterred, our experienced project team brainstormed and identified an impeccable solution.

The answer lay in coaxial hanging speakers, crafted with finesse to cater to high-fidelity music reproduction, making them suitable for retail spaces and hospitality settings alike. These speakers can be suspended from any apt point, be it solid or plaster ceilings, and boast a 360° horizontal sound dispersion feature. They're equipped with a 25/70/100 V-line transformer and are also compatible with low impedance (8 Ω) setups.

Every speaker comes with a protective top cover, shielding the connectors and the power toggle from dust and debris post-installation, while the bottom features a robust aluminum grille. These speakers are available in classic black and white, but they also offer customization potential with paint options to complement diverse interiors.

In conclusion, the sound system seamlessly melded with Coincasa's chic interior at the Galerija Shopping Mall. The rich audio output further enhanced the store's ambiance, ensuring customers enjoyed a delightful auditory experience while perusing home décor selections.