Audio-video Conference System for Roste Group

Roste Group, a company specializing in the trade of construction materials, land turnover, and construction sector investments, recently inaugurated a new representative office in New Belgrade's bustling business district.

  • Client: Roste Group
  • Date of project: 2023

In keeping with their commitment to harnessing the latest technological solutions, the group sought to outfit their conference hall with a modern audio-video conference system.

The centerpiece of the system is an 86'' professional touch-screen display, offering 4K resolution and 400 cd/m² brightness for clear visibility even under strong ambient light. The display supports a variety of applications, including a whiteboard for content sharing, a web browser, and a media player.


A key component of the system is the all-in-one Infobit iCam VB50 PTZ camera. This camera provides 4K@60Hz resolution, a 120-degree wide-angle lens, and 5x zoom. It is equipped with four built-in beam-forming microphones that can capture speech up to 6m away. The camera is designed to minimize echo, suppress ambient noise, and automatically adjust speaker sound levels. Furthermore, it features automatic framing and speaker tracking, effectively highlighting meeting participants and focusing on the active speaker. The device supports leading video conference applications (Skype, Zoom, Google Teams, etc.).


Complementing the system, the Infobit iShare X400 wireless collaborative video conference system enables multiple users to share content simultaneously on the same display. This can be achieved through a free mobile application or via Infobit iShare CX USB-C dongle or iShare HX HDMI+USB dongle. This enables a computer to wirelessly present content with a single click, even while displaying the computer's camera feed. Two-way communication is possible with the interactive monitor, automatically syncing content changes wirelessly with the user's computer. It is also possible to connect two different independent networks (corporate and guest) with a high degree of encryption security.


For added security, the system can accommodate two independent networks (corporate and guest), each with high encryption levels. To facilitate connectivity, the Infobit iBox 01 connection box, equipped with HDMI, USB-C, USB-A, and Shuko connectors, has been installed into the conference room table. The connection box is linked to the interactive monitor and camera via high-quality optical cables resistant to electromagnetic interference.


Upon completion of the installation, our team conducted a comprehensive training session for the technical staff, ensuring they are equipped to manage the audio-video conference system effectively.