DiGiCo SD12 System Acquired by ProRent from Banja Luka

ProRent stands as the premier entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina for renting professional audio-visual equipment, encompassing audio, video, stage lighting, and trussing. Beyond simple rentals, the company offers end-to-end event solutions: from transportation and assembly of stages and aluminium structures to technical support during events.

  • Client: ProRent, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Date of project: 2023

Their commitment to orchestrating successful concerts, conferences, sports events and more drives them to continually upgrade their equipment portfolio with top-tier, cutting-edge technology.

ProRent's newest acquisition is the DiGiCo SD12 audio mixing console. Despite its compact size, this digital console, equipped with an integrated recording interface, packs a punch with remarkable sound processing power, system adaptability and flexibility in configurations. Its dual 15-inch TFT LCD touchscreens, coupled with two assignable master faders and advanced surface connectivity, ensure intuitive navigation and efficient setting adjustments.

The SD12 offers:


72 channels at either 48kHz or 96kHz (expandable up to 96 channels).

- 119 dynamic EQ processors.

- 16 graphic EQs within the master section.

- 12 digital effects and up to 12 control groups (VCAs).


A myriad of input/output options including eight mic line inputs, eight-line outputs, and more. It also features a DMI (DiGiCo Multichannel Interface) slot, allowing seamless integration with various external networks.


Beyond live event settings, the console is versatile enough for diverse installations. Supplementing this, ProRent has also procured a DiGiCo D2 Rack stagebox, equipped with 48 mic/line inputs, 16-line outputs, and two MADI ports available in BNC or DiGiCo CAT5E formats.

ProRent, as well as their clientele, can count on comprehensive technical support, ranging from setting configurations to software updates.

When we reached out to ProRent regarding their experience with the SD12 system, they mentioned: "The decision to opt for the DiGiCo SD12 system was influenced by DiGiCo's global reputation. The SD series devices are frequent mentions in technical riders of both regional and global acts. Our peers in the industry also commend its reliability and minimal technical glitches."

Upon asking about their hands-on experience, they responded: "Since its arrival just before the summer season, the SD12 has been actively deployed across various domestic and regional events. The feedback, both internally and from our clients, has been overwhelmingly positive."

In comparing the SD12 to other consoles, ProRent emphasized:"The DiGiCo SD12 stands out with its transparent operations. The speed and ease of parameter adjustments are unparalleled, thanks largely to its dual 15" touchscreens. This feature alone has earned praise from visiting audio engineers and sound technicians."