Marina Dorćol Showroom Presentation System

The Marina Dorćol development heralds a fresh addition to Belgrade's urban landscape. This emerging residential and business complex is designed to offer contemporary and luxurious living and working experiences. Its unique architectural blend fuses the restoration of historical structures with modern innovations, distinguishing it from other city locales.

  • Client: Marina Dorćol
  • Date of project: 2023

The prestigious Czech firm, Sebre, the principal investor of this project, recently entrusted us with the task of outfitting the Marina Dorćol showroom. Our goal? To provide cutting-edge interactive solutions that vividly showcase the ethos and aesthetics of this groundbreaking residential and business hub to potential stakeholders.


The showroom spans various zones.

The entrance hall features a high-end ultra-short throw laser projector boasting 5,000lm brightness and a 0.42:1 projection ratio welcomes visitors. This device casts vivid imagery onto a plaster wall, specially coated with projection-optimized paint that augments the clarity of the displayed content.


The area of main presentation room features 55" interactive IR displays with crisp 4K resolution and 500 cd/m² brightness. Additionally, 65" professional displays are set up to stream vivid visuals of Marina Dorćol from dedicated systems.


The conference hall houses a powerful 6,500lm laser projector equipped with a short zoom lens and a projection ratio ranging between 0.68 and 0.8:1. A fixed screen enhances the visual presentation here.


The cinema hall, intended for 4K projections, boasts a stationary screen, complemented by 32" touch displays for a more interactive experience.


To ensure seamless video signal dissemination, we employed HDMI 2.0 splitters in conjunction with premium Infobit HDMI optical cables, available in diverse lengths.


Post-setup, our seasoned team imparted hands-on training to the in-house technical crew, empowering them to effortlessly manage the showroom's state-of-the-art system.