Modern Video Wall Integration Elevates Elixir Zorka's Control Room Operations

Elixir Zorka, Southeast Europe's foremost manufacturer of complex mineral fertilizers, is committed to delivering efficient agricultural solutions with minimal environmental footprints. They envision global prominence in agricultural solutions, leadership in the regional chemical industry, and a dominating presence in Serbia.

  • Client: Elixir Zorka
  • Date of project: 2023

In line with this ambition, Elixir Zorka consistently invests in cutting-edge technology to enhance business efficiency. Their latest initiative in 2023 involved upgrading the control room by introducing two state-of-the-art video walls, sized 3x2 m and 2x2 m.

Each of these video walls features:

  • - 55-inch professional monitors tailored for round-the-clock (24/7) operation;

    - Ultra-slim bezels measuring just 3.5 mm, ensuring a seamless display;

    - Crystal-clear Full HD visuals with a luminance of 500 cd/m²;

    - Wall mounts designed for precise alignment, easy maintenance, and hassle-free individual monitor servicing without compromising the entire wall's configuration;

    - Premium infobit optical cables to ensure impeccable connectivity between computer systems and monitors.

Through this innovative video solution, Elixir Zorka has not only elevated the efficiency of their control room operations, but has also reinforced the commitment to achieving their strategic milestones.