Audio-Video Conferencing Solutions for Bobar Beška

Bobar Beška, a prominent name in the construction industry, has marked a substantial leap in its business trajectory with the inauguration of a new administrative edifice in Novi Sad's industrial quarter. Spanning 2,000 square meters, this building is not only a paragon of optimal functionality for diverse commercial operations but also exemplifies the firm's dedication to infrastructural enhancement and judicious resource utilization. Prior to its operational debut, the building was meticulously outfitted to align with the company's esteemed standards.

  • Client: Bobar Beška
  • Date of project: 2023

Our status as a vanguard in the realm of superior, next-generation audio and video conferencing systems led to an invitation from Bobar Beška's executives to provision their new administrative hub's meeting spaces. The project's primary objective was to provide an effective system facilitating effortless, high-calibre video conferencing and presentations.

With meticulous planning, our deployment commenced. Across three meeting rooms, we integrated Digital Signage and disseminated audio-video signals using the advanced HDBaseT transmission technology, through the Infobit E150CG.

Each conference room was equipped with professional monitors, 85" and 100", boasting a luminance of 500 cd/m², built for continuous 24/7 operation. The installation also included the Infobit iCam VB50, an all-in-one PTZ camera with 4K/60Hz clarity, a 120° wide-angle lens, 5x zoom, and 4 beamforming microphones effective up to 6 meters. Its sophisticated features include acoustic echo cancellation, ambient noise suppression, auto-volume for speakers, automatic participant framing, and voice tracking that focuses on the active speaker, adaptable to movement. Compatibility with leading video conferencing platforms like Skype, Zoom, and Google Teams is a given.

The setup also incorporates the Infobit iShare Plus, a wireless BYOD presentation switcher with four inputs and two outputs, facilitating connections via VGA, USB-C, and HDMI. It ensures a stable wireless link across dual-band Wi-Fi up to 30 meters, compatible with Airplay, Miracast, or through provided USB iShare K31 dongles. For expansive displays, up to eight dongles can be connected for various monitor configurations.

Embedded within the conference tables, the Infobit iBox 01 connection box houses HDMI, USB-C, USB-A, and shuko ports, all tethered to the displays and camera through high-grade optical cables immune to electromagnetic interferences.

AV signal distribution from the technical room to the meeting spaces, professional monitors in the common area, and video surveillance is managed by the Infobit iMatrix H16x16A audio-video matrix. This system is complemented by an Aten control unit, which allows for the invocation of preset scenarios through tablets, sporting an intuitive graphical interface for system parameter configuration and control application, functioning over a LAN for centralized system management.

For flexible presentation needs, an 86" professional interactive monitor on wheels was provided, pre-loaded with a whiteboard application, web browser, media player, among others. It features a 4K display with 400 cd/m² brightness to ensure clear visibility within conference settings.

Post-installation, our specialists conducted a comprehensive training session for the client's technical personnel, empowering them to effectively manage the new, sophisticated audio-video conferencing and presentation system.