Professional AV Systems for Internal Communications at Tenderly

Located in San Francisco, New Belgrade and several other locales, Tenderly boasts a team of industry-leading experts committed to developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions. Through diverse initiatives, workshops, and seminars, the company passionately promotes blockchain knowledge while also fostering the growth of the local Web3 community and the next generation of entrepreneurs.

  • Client: Tenderly
  • Date of project: 2023

Given the company's expansive geographic reach, the need for flawless internal communications, even across continents, is paramount. Recognizing this, Tenderly made a significant investment in top-tier audio-video presentation and conference equipment, as well as sound and digital signage, for its New Belgrade office.


AV Presentation and Conference System


The centrepiece is a 163" LED screen, offering full HF resolution, 16/9 image format, and 600 cd/m² brightness. This ensures sharp visibility, stark image contrast, and superb colour accuracy. The system includes a 4x4 HDMI video mixer/streamer that doubles as a camera controller, paired with two PTZ cameras that offer comprehensive coverage of the 20 x 10m presentation room.

A wireless presentation system, the Infobit iShare E400 with USB-C dongles, facilitates seamless multi-user content display on the LED screen.

The Infobit iSwitch 201K, featuring HDMI and USB-C inputs, manages signal transmission over network cables, complemented by a 4K HDMI to USB 3.0 capture card for content recording and streaming.


Audio quality is maintained by RCF L 2406T 3-way column speakers (200 W RMS), ensuring clarity without unwanted echoes. The system's heart is a 12x8 DSP audio signal processor with an intuitive wall control interface. An Audix AP61 wireless microphone system, equipped with OM5 handheld transmitters and HT2 headsets, adds versatility to presentations.

To ensure a disturbance-free environment, a quad acoustic curtain system was installed, impressively dampening noise from the adjacent canteen by 17dB.

Presenters benefit from a foldable 10 m^2 stage, crafted from aluminum and topped with fireproof, waterproof marine plywood ensuring safety and stability.


Ambient Sound System


Within the office's multiple floors, an ambient sound system, consisting of a 4-zone amplifier-mixer, provides tailored musical experiences across various zones. The client's desire for HiFi-quality sound in the canteen and presentation room led to the choice of the two-way RCF WMR 60-T speakers, boasting 80 W power.


Digital Signage


The third floor is adorned with a digital signage system: Sony FW-43BZ35J professional monitors encased in elegant wooden cabinets. These 4K resolution monitors, displaying at 560 cd/m² brightness, ensure content remains vibrant even in bright environments. Positioned in portrait mode, they're designed for 24/7 operation. With a TDM license, they can be transformed into versatile advertising displays, leveraging a cloud-based solution for centralized content management.


Upon completion of the installation, our expert team ensured Tenderly's staff was thoroughly trained in the optimal use of the new equipment.