Enhanced Audiovisual and Communication Installations for the Lovćenac Cultural Center

The charming village of Lovćenac in Vojvodina now prides itself on a fully upgraded House of Culture, a transformation made possible through the dedicated efforts of the Municipality of Mali Iđoš and the Provincial Government. This revitalization, occurring nearly seven decades post its original construction and subsequent comprehensive refurbishment, included a complete overhaul of the technical equipment with cutting-edge solutions akin to those employed by globally renowned cultural institutions.

  • Client: The Lovćenac Cultural Center
  • Date of project: 2023

Our company, after a successful bid in the public procurement process, was entrusted with implementing an array of technical and technological enhancements within the House of Culture. These upgrades encompass an ambient sound system, auditorium acoustics, video presentation capabilities, stage illumination, a communication (intercom) setup, and stage drapery.

The sound system features passive loudspeakers used as satellites, each with dual 10-inch drivers and a 3-inch tweeter, complemented by cardioid subwoofers designed to minimize rear wall sound feedback. We've also incorporated active loudspeakers for side wall monitoring and stage floor monitors. The system's audio processing is facilitated through a digital mixer boasting 48 outputs and 16 inputs, complete with a stage box.

Additionally, the audio setup includes vocal microphones, a wireless microphone system, stands, and various supplementary components to support a diverse range of performances, cultural events, and related activities.

The stage lighting is as versatile as it is vibrant, with up to 40 LED fixtures offering a spectrum of colours and placements. An aluminium square truss system provides support for various lighting positions, including front, side, and back, ensuring optimal stage illumination. A mix of Fresnel lamps and six-color LED units deliver front scene washes, while the back lighting features full-colour LED cyclorama lights, wash moving heads, and warm white LED Fresnel spotlights. A digital lighting console with dual touch-screen monitors allows for precise control of all lighting elements, with scalability for future upgrades.

Visual impact is further enhanced with top-tier video presentation tools, including a quiet-mode laser projector (8,400 lumens at 39dB) and a motorized screen measuring 400 cm by 250 cm.

The stage's intercom system ensures seamless performance management by the stage director, with dual-channel communication connecting them with the lighting and sound directors, as well as the dressing rooms. This system also relays stage background activity, keeping actors informed during performances.

To complement the technical upgrades, fire-resistant stage curtains—front, back, and pockets—complete with certification, were installed, with a motorized front curtain that elegantly parts down the centre, providing a grand reveal of the stage backdrop.

Upon installation completion, our experts conducted comprehensive training for the client's technical team, ensuring adept operation of the new systems.

This rejuvenation of the Lovćenac Cultural Center is a testament to how cultural investments can significantly enrich community life and foster cultural and artistic growth within the region and beyond.