lluminating the Enigma of Devil's Town: A Fusion of Nature and Technology

Nestled in the heart of southern Serbia, Devil’s Town stands as a testament to nature's wonders, boasting unique rock formations and mineral water springs. This natural monument, protected since 1959 and declared a major natural site in 1995, is managed by Planinka AD. They are dedicated to unveiling its full potential to a global audience through continuous investment.

  • Client: Planinka AD
  • Date of project: 2023

At the heart of these efforts is a captivating audio-light performance, designed to showcase the "magical forest" and the legend of Devil's Town in a new light. The performance leverages cutting-edge LED spotlights with RGBL diodes and intricate animations to bring the legend to life through an interplay of light and sound. This initiative promises to transform the site into a unique tourist attraction, enhancing the night-time experience with improved lighting along the pathways and figures.

The project's implementation, tailored to the challenging terrain and weather conditions, utilizes over 30 light fixtures with varying intensities and angles. These ensure even illumination of all figures, while the outdoor sound systems complement the visual spectacle.

Ease of operation was a key client requirement, achieved through a hidden port activated by a unique key. The show begins with a gradual dimming of lights, leading to complete darkness. Then, a synchronized light performance, accompanied by music, narrates the legend of Devil's Town through captivating laser-drawn animations on the earth figures.



Considering the outdoor setup, all equipment boasts IP protection, with the laser housing featuring a temperature control system. The control equipment is securely housed to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Wireless transmitters overcome the challenge of laying signal cables, ensuring seamless connectivity between various positions and platforms.



This innovative project not only preserves but elevates Devil's Town. It offers visitors a deeper understanding of this natural phenomenon and allows for a complete exploration of its wonders at night. The creation of this nocturnal landscape and its accompanying performances not only enrich the cultural value of the site but also bolster sustainable tourism, significantly benefiting the local economy.

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