Luminex GigaCore12 for Sky Solutions

Sky Solutions, a prominent member of the Sky Corporation group, is renowned as a leading force in the event and entertainment sector across Serbia and the surrounding region. The company is acclaimed for delivering reliable, innovative, and competitive solutions that consistently redefine creative and technological benchmarks in event organization. This commitment to excellence ensures not only the impeccable execution of events but also complete customer satisfaction.

  • Client: Sky Solutions
  • Date of project: 2023

In its pursuit of business excellence and enhanced service quality, Sky Solutions is committed to the ongoing modernization of its technical equipment. A testament to this commitment is the recent integration of the Luminex Intelligence GigaCore 12 switches, which have significantly elevated the efficiency of data transmission at large-scale events. This cutting-edge technology was first showcased at the prestigious EXIT festival.

The GigaCore series is specifically designed for audiovisual productions, offering user-friendly operation that doesn't require extensive IT knowledge. These devices facilitate long-range connectivity through optical cables and support seamless, interference-free integration of lighting, audio, and video protocols via VLAN groups.

The GigaCore switches allow for straightforward network redundancy configuration. By connecting two network switches, a reliable inter-network is formed, bolstered by the RLinkX protocol, which ensures network environment redundancy through dual cabling. The RLinkX protocol is adept at swiftly switching signals in the event of a link failure, a process so quick that it typically goes unnoticed by the user. Additionally, the switches offer PoE+ power options alongside auxiliary/redundant power connections. Their robust metal casing and durable etherCON connectors make them exceptionally suitable for touring and live events.

Adopting these advanced devices empowers Sky Solutions with enhanced network stability, streamlined integration of various devices, improved manageability, heightened security, and superior data transfer capabilities. This technological advancement is pivotal in simplifying the organization and execution of diverse events, propelling Sky Solutions towards continued success in the dynamic field of event management.