Erste Bank's New Office with Transparent LED Screen and Interactive Touch Monitor

In September 2023, Erste Bank unveiled its latest branch in Novi Sad, distinctively dedicated to advisory services. This branch stands out with its innovative marketing technologies, designed to engage and inform clients effectively during their wait.

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  • Date of project: 2024

Key to this technological upgrade is the installation of a cutting-edge transparent LED screen on the street-facing window, paired with an interactive 85" display within the premises. This initiative is not a first for Erste Bank, as similar advancements have already been successfully implemented in their Novi Sad and Belgrade locations.


The Nexnovo LED screen, measuring an impressive 319 cm x 125 cm, boasts a 78% transparency level and a sleek, frameless design. Its high visibility is ensured by a brightness of 5,000 nits, making the display clear even in bright sunlight. Positioned directly on the glass, it allows natural light to filter through, creating a pleasant workspace atmosphere. The screen is also noteworthy for its high-quality colour calibration, flicker-free operation, and a silent fan.


Complementing the space is an 85" Sony FW-85BZ40H interactive monitor, enhancing the interior with its capabilities for displaying educational and entertainment content. This professional-grade display features a responsive IR touch frame with the ability to register 10 simultaneous touch points and can be operated in a vertical orientation as per the client's request. Its brightness of 850 cd/m² and capability for 24/7 operation make it an invaluable asset.


Post-installation, our team provided comprehensive training to the bank's technical staff, ensuring proficient use of both the LED display and the interactive monitor, thereby elevating the client experience to new heights.