Everdeck Truss Elements for Capriolo

The story of Capriolo begins in 1996 in Bačka Topola, with the founding of a small workshop dedicated to manufacturing bicycles. Initially staffed by only three employees, the company's journey is a testament to the enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication of its team. From its humble beginnings, Capriolo has evolved into one of the leading brands in the design, production, and sale of bicycles and spare parts. It has also expanded into the wholesale of hunting, fishing, and fitness equipment, boasting retailers throughout our country and in neighbouring regions.

  • Client: Capriolo
  • Date of project: 2024

Capriolo's equipment frequently features at fairs and similar events. Recently, the need arose to outfit an exhibition stand at one such event, necessitating reliable and robust truss elements. These were essential for constructing a solid support structure for hanging advertising canvases, ensuring maximum safety for all attendees.

Given our company's rich experience in distributing this type of equipment, the responsible parties reached out to us for procurement. We supplied Everdeck aluminum truss elements, notable for their large load capacity (290x290mm dimensions), along with accessories for easy and seamless assembly into a unified structure.

Designed for high-frequency use, this construction is engineered to prevent deformation, ensuring durability and longevity. Furthermore, all elements of the Everdeck construction are certified, meeting the relevant standards for this type of equipment.

This versatile structure is not only suited for advertising purposes but can also support various technical equipment during events. With this investment, Capriolo has secured a top-quality, reliable solution that will serve its exhibition and event needs for many years to come.