Spotlights for Zvezdara Teatar

Zvezdara Teatar, one of Belgrade's most beloved theatres, is renowned for showcasing plays featuring some of our greatest acting and directing talents. Its mission is to captivate audiences with the magic of theatre in a warm and inviting atmosphere while committing to the use of modern and high-quality equipment.

  • Client: Zvezdara Teatar
  • Date of project: 2024

Following the introduction of the Look Solutions haze and fog machine, the management of Zvezdara Teatar decided to further enhance their lighting system with the addition of the Spotlight Hyperion series, namely the PC HY 300WW and PC HY 300 6C fixtures.

The Hyperion series stands out for its cutting-edge LED sources offering six or eight colours, user-friendly control software, straightforward settings, and flicker-free operation. These fixtures emulate the performance of halogen lights up to 5,000W but with a more compact design and less heat emission.

Utilizing the latest generation of LED technology, Hyperion fixtures produce a rich and precise colour palette. They generate primary colours (red, green, and blue), supplemented by additional hues (amber, cyan, and lime). The white colour temperature can be finely adjusted using DMX or local controls, offering a range of common temperatures from 2,700 to 6,500K. The fixtures ensure smooth dimming while maintaining consistent colour temperature. Should there be any interference between the LED frequency and the camera frame rate, the light output frequency can be adjusted to eliminate flicker, guaranteeing seamless dimming.

These fixtures have not only excelled on the theatre stage but have also proven their worth in film and TV studios.

By incorporating the Spotlight Hyperion static lighting into their repertoire, Zvezdara Teatar has achieved precise stage and actor illumination, enhancing play production and crafting visually stunning experiences for the audience. The vibrant colours, sharpness, and depth of the imagery significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of performances, offering directors and set designers greater creative control over the ambiance and emotions conveyed in their plays.