Blackmagic Design Broadcast Equipment for the Pannonia Foundation

The Pannonia Foundation, established in 2005, spearheads Pannon Television, Pannon Radio, and Subotica Hungarian Radio. Its primary mission is to foster the development of Hungarian-language information in Vojvodina, highlighting significant events both locally and globally.

  • Client: The Pannonia Foundation
  • Date of project: 2024

Following a significant upgrade of studio technical equipment in 2014, Pannon Television emerged as one of the most technologically advanced television stations in Vojvodina. Continuous investment in cutting-edge technology enables the station to deliver uninterrupted HD programming. Notably, the integration of Blackmagic Design broadcast equipment has substantially elevated its technical capabilities.

The ATEM Advanced Panel 20 is at the forefront of this enhancement, offering professional-grade control during broadcasts. It features 20 input buttons, two system control LCDs, a suite of control buttons (including 4 upstream and 4 downstream keyers), a joystick, and a T-bar fader. This multifunctional panel facilitates intricate effect settings and provides a tactile, high-quality broadcasting experience with its physical buttons and controls.

The Blackmagic Web Presenter stands out as a comprehensive streaming solution, facilitating live broadcasts over Ethernet to platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Equipped with built-in USB connections, it functions as a webcam, allowing for seamless integration with streaming software, Skype, or Zoom. Streaming capabilities extend over Ethernet, 5G, or 4G connections. Additionally, the Web Presenter includes a monitoring output featuring video, audio, trend graphics, and SDI technical data (Serial Digital Interface).

AVL Projekt serves as the distributor for Blackmagic Design broadcast equipment in our country. For those interested in purchasing from their range, seeking a consultation, or wishing to trial the equipment before buying, please reach out to us at or call 021 4720 556.