Haze and Fog Machines from Look Solutions for MAK SFX

Specialized film effects companies use information technology, animation and various techniques to achieve a certain aesthetic or narrative effect in scenes. Haze and fog machines are indispensable in their work, creating a certain atmosphere or ambience, allow layering and depth to scenes, help emphasize the light, but also conceal certain details such as equipment and cables.

  • Client: MAK SFX
  • Date of project: 2024

The regular use of these machines significantly enhances the audience's experience, contributing to the film's overall success.

Therefore, MAK SFX, based in Belgrade, has decided to upgrade its equipment with renowned devices from Look Solutions: Viper 2.6, Unique 2.1, Tiny FX, and Power-Tiny machines.

The Look Solutions Viper 2.6 smoke machine has 2,600 W heaters, is controlled via DMX, and uses three types of liquid (slow, regular and quick). The power of this generator is such that at 100% power it can emit smoke for 40 seconds at a distance of up to 15 m.



Look Solutions Unique 2.1 haze machine has minimal warm up time of only 60 seconds, and features DMX control and minimal noise, which is essential for film shoots. It can produce a light, thin, silky mist, but also a thick haze with a fan. The advantage over the competition is its extinguishing system, because all the liquid is blown out of the heater and thus extends its service life.

The Look Solutions Tiny FX Handheld Fog Generator packs outstanding performance into a small package (9.8 x 4.4 x 3.4 cm). It features the ability to mount the liquid reservoir directly at the machine, eliminating the need for an external liquid reservoir and tube. Due to its small dimensions and weight (180 g), it can be easily incorporated into canvas, dolls, costumes, various props. Look Solutions Power-Tiny is a mobile and very practical solution when shooting scenes without a lot of fog. The control is wireless, and during filming, like the Tiny FX machine, it can be worn manually.



With the machines, MAK SFX also acquired various Look Solutions water-based fluids, which are ecological and completely safe for people and the environment as confirmed by the MSDS declaration.

Look Solutions Cryo-Fog is a powerful 2300V machine that creates dense, long-lasting low fog and low haze using cooling technology. It has various control and adjustment options to adjust the fog density to the user's needs. It is supplied in a compact flight case containing, in addition to the machine, a fan as well as a cooling chamber with space for holding fluids.



By acquiring these machines, MAK SFX has secured an irreplaceable tool for crafting atmospheric scenes in films, enabling the team to bring scripts to life by transforming ordinary locations into extraordinary visual experiences. Using them, the need for reshoots or lengthy post-productions is minimal, and the need to handle actual fog or hazardous chemicals is eliminated, thus ensuring the safety of the film crew.