Modernizing the Lighting System of the Serbian National Theatre's Small Stage

The Serbian National Theatre, the oldest Serbian professional theater and host of the most prominent national drama festival in our country "Sterijino pozorje", has recently undertaken another significant project to innovate its technical equipment, aiming to enhance the production quality of drama and other events.

  • Client: The Serbian National Theatre
  • Date of project: 2024

Following our coverage of the Big Stage's modernization at the Serbian National Theatre, which we have already written about, at the end of last year we became actors in the revitalization of its Small Stage "Pera Dobrinović". The project entailed a comprehensive overhaul of the existing lighting system, replacing it with the latest generation of LED lighting fixtures with numerous possibilities. The feature of the installed spotlights is extremely high CRI, which keeps the character of the light of halogen lighting fixtures the same.

A completely new dimension of work with lighting fixtures was achieved due to a good selection of LEDs. The combination of lighting fixtures with warm white LEDs, lighting fixtures with RGBW, RGBAL, up to devices with 6 light sources depending on the purpose and position of the lighting fixture itself, provide incredible flexibility for the whole system as well as the possibility for lighting designers to express their creativity and realize the editorial idea.

The lighting fixtures on the Small Stage balcony were replaced with Spotlight PR HY300ZS 6C profile lighting fixtures with 6 LEDs with the ability to create any color, including warm white, as well as PC HY300WW LED spotlights with PC (plan-convex) lenses with warm-white LEDs. Thanks to this installation, today the Small Stage can boast a powerful arsenal of 52 PCs and profile spotlights that illuminate the performers on stage in an impressive way.

On the new lighting tractions, as well as the existing positions, are placed Spotlight PC lighting fixtures of 100W and 200W combined with warm-white and colored spotlights.

The complete replacement and renovation of the lighting system was complemented by the implementation of automated moving lights, i.e. the Chauvet Maverick Force S Profile and Chauvet Maverick MK2 Wash LED lights. The movable profile allows lighting designers to use the same lighting fixture in multiple scenes with different beam widths, colors, and blade positions.

In addition to the moving light fixtures, the light system has been enriched with new LED zoom parks that provide a change in the angle of the light beam via DMX. Also added are completely silent LED cycloramas, exceptional in lighting the screen, scenography or actors.

Replacing the complete lighting system included a DMX signal and lighting control upgrade. Since the Serbian National Theater uses the MA Lighting grandMA3 control software, the process was easier. The lighting system on the Small Stage currently uses 8 DMX universes that control over 120 new lighting fixtures.

During the renovation, the general lighting of the stage and auditorium was replaced with new LED lighting fixtures. It is controlled via the main lighting console, as well as an auxiliary controller with simple buttons so that the entire theater staff can control the general lighting.

The innovation of the professional lighting system has significantly enhanced the quality of lighting on the renowned Small Stage, allowing for more precise light management, superior visual effects, and greater creative freedom for directors and lighting designers.