The conference system for the Tarkett company in Bačka Palanka

AVL Projekt delivered a conference system Televic D-Cerno with six delegate units for the conference hall in Tarkett

  • Client: Tarkett
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified Needs


The General Manager of the company needed a small but high quality conference system for the conference hall. Given the international business of the company, it was necessary to achieve clarity and perspicuity in communication with remote sites of other companies belonging to the Tarkett system.  Since the connection is made via video-conference system, whose microphones are not a suitable solution, with the integration of this conference system came the required quality and intelligibility of voice transmission.


Implemented Solution


For the aforementioned purposes, the conference room was equipped with the Televic D-Cerno conferencing system, which consists of D-Cerno CUR central unit, D-Cerno C units for the chairman and 6 delegate D-Cerno D units.


Televic D-Cerno is a digital conference system that can very easily fit into most spaces. The system allows the chairperson full control over the conduct of meetings, which means that at any time, by pressing priority for addressing, he/she may terminate the current speaker and instead address the audience. Controls on each unit are derived in the form of touch-sensitive buttons. Also, the Chairperson may terminate the current speaker and pass the word to the following speaker. Microphones on these units are shielded by special protective layer, in order to eliminate possible interruptions due to the influence of other devices, such as mobile phones.


This system is extremely easy to connect and use, and also enables the full control of the system via the web server integrated into the device, so that it can be controlled via tablet or smart phone. Also, the system allows audio recording of the conference on the USB memory.



Use value


Directors and employees in Tarkett company now have the option of undisturbed meetings with other employees and partners, regardless of their geographical distance. In addition to improved audibility, it is now possible to audio record the meetings.