Dimmers for TV Happy

"AVL Projekt" equipped the TV studio in Happy TV with ETC dimmers

  • Client: dimmers-for-tv-happy
  • Date of project: 2012

The need for dimming racks


In early December 2010, we installed the equipment in the studio 3 and 4 in Happy TV. It is about ETC dimming racks.



Implemented solution


ETC SENSOR + CE ESR48 racks were installed with 2-channel dimming modules ED15 power of 3kW each channel, as well as the 2-channel modules ED25 with 5kW. The total of 3 racks were installed with 288 dimming channel all together. The control of dimming channels is done by ETC network protocols which uses CEM + controllers and by network distribution NEt3 Two Port Gateway and Net3 Four Port Gateway that support also the new industry standard ACN.


We have also delivered spotlights of DeSisti Lighting manufacturer and the models are:

  • Magis 300/500 / 650W PO (10pc)
  • Leonardo P.O. 1kW (24 units),
  • Leonardo P.O. 2kW (20pcs) 
  • Leonardo P.O. 5kW (4 pcs).


All the spotlights are Pole Operated, meaning that the orientation of the light beams can be adjusted while suspended on fixed positions on the frame, and all this in a very simple way, using a rod (Operating pole) from the ground.


The delivered DeSisti lighting fixtures are compact devices, which provides a highly effective homogenous lighting field within the overall focus, from the narrowest to the widest with the possibility of cutting the beam by means of the flap. Using a halogen lamp with a color temperature of 3200K and efficient ventilation guarantees extended life of lamps, reflectors and lenses in all operating positions. It also has a mechanism for front and rear focusing, as well as an innovative linkage door of the lens that allows easy lamp replacement.