Light, video and audio equipment for the TV studio 7 in Grand Production

AVL Projekt has delivered lighting, video and audio equipment for Grand Production and their Studio 7 in Košutnjak

  • Client: Grand Production
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified needs


For the purpose of improving their entertainment business, The Grand Production wanted to expand the equipment without which the work in the studio would not have been possible. When it comes to technical solutions and delivery of equipment, given the history of our cooperation, confidence is again given to AVL Projekt.



Implemented solution


The delivered and installed lighting equipment, among other things, includes ROBE Robin 300LED Wash and Pointe spotlights, Avolites Pearl Expert lighting console, DeSisti Leonardo 1kW PO spotlights, ETC SmartPack 12chx2.3kW dimming units, including a set of filters and light bulbs.


Robin Pointe is an intelligent spotlight of smaller size and weight, but of excellent performance. Its power lies in the fact that it actually consists of different spotlights: Beam, Spot and Wash - integrated into one device. Its key features are Beam, Spot, Wash and FX spotlights, rotating and static gobos, circular and linear prisms and light output: 75,000 LX @ 20m in Beam mode and paralel 0° light beam. The combination of 13 dichroic filters, 14 static and 9 rotating gobos, six-linear and circular prisms, enables a very wide range of effects. The power consumption is 470W. It also features an Ethernet port, ready for the Art-Net protocol and ACN, and supports RDM protocol. The spotlight has a built-in ROBE touch display with battery back-up and gravity sensor for automatic rotation of the display. On this occasion, 8 units were delivered to the Grand Production.


Robin 300LED Wash is an intelligent wash lighting made in LED technology with 19 RGBW LEDs, and its main advantage is to work without flickering, which is extremely important for a TV studio. All diodes are arranged in three concentric circles which may be independently controlled. Power consumption is only 200W. The exceptional lineary motorized zoom from 15 to 60° provides a uniformly painted scene of a wide range of colors and has also the effect of halogen lamp with a color temperature of 2700 and 3200K. With RGBW color mixing, CTO filter and strobe effect a wide variety of effects on the scene can be achieved. For the operator's console it is extremely important that the light fixture has an automatic pan/tilt correction of the position and a battery back-up system. We have delivered a total of 12 of these wash light to Studio 7.


An additional reinforcement of the lighting technique are provided by the classic light fixtures, DeSisti Leonardo 1 kW P.O. fresnel models, a total of 8 units. Their main purpose is the professional application in TV studios, and they are characterized by efficient optics that gives a very broad and clear light beam, as well as by the durable mounting for the floor stands and hanging position. Another advantage of this model is a simple and quick replacement of light bulbs, including easy access to replacement parts. Leonardo 1kW are "pole-operated" which means that you can adjust directivity beam from the ground by means of rods ("operating pole"), while they are suspended from a fixed position on the frame.


Avolites Pearl Expert lighting console has been delivered, the model Titan Expert Pro, including a 15.4" touch wing, which makes it incredibly easy to control and manage. It is characterized by the power of Titan software, with 5 encodesr and 4 physical DMX line expandable up to 16 lines via ArtNet-a. With 80 physical submaster, there is no competition in its class of lighting consoles. With double playback rollers it gives a direct and quick access to the lighting equipment on stage, and also offers an easy and intuitive tool for pixel mapping.


Also, ETC SmartPack 12chx2.3kW dimming units were delivered. These are the 12-channel ETC dimmers of the latest generation, with 2.3 kW power per channel, and of small size (only 2HE). The operate with a completely silent temperature-controlled fan, with high-quality 100µs toroidal filters which is extremely important to work in a TV studio.


The delivered and installed video equipment includes LED display and LED network. An indoor LED screen, produced by our long-term reliable partner company Darklight Technology was delivered to watch video content in a TV studio. Its pixel pitch is 6.25mm, made in SMD technology with mighty diodes of Taiwanese manufacturer. A total of 42 panels were delivered, with a total floor area of 10m2. The video processor with built-in sending cards to control the video content was installed.


As an additional element in the TV studio the LED network was delivered with pixel pitch of 10mm made in SMD technology. The dimension of a network segment is 1208x320mm, and 48 segments were delivered, with a total floor area of 20m2. As part of the control system master and slave controllers were supplied to manage the video content. For the LED network it is characteristic that it can be bent at an angle, and therefore allows the scenographer an additional options of fitting into the existing interior.


When it comes to audio technique, AVL Projekt has delivered and installed Soundcraft Vi1 digital audio mixer, speakers JBL EON515XT, JBL PRX735 and JBL PRX715XLF, RME audio cards with recording computer and HME DX100 mobile communication system with four transmitters.


Soundcraft Vi1 digital audio console has been designed in accordance with the wishes of a large number of audio professionals - to create a smaller, more compact console that will just as well meet the requirements of broadcast, touring or fixed installation at an affordable price. The console is completely independent, includes 32 analog inputs, 27 analog outputs, as well as 6 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs, plus 4 stereo FX returns. In standard mode, it features the 46 input channels, which can be increased up to 64 channels by adding a stage box (compatible with the existing Vi racks). All channels can be rooted with up to 24 multifunctional bass, plus LR and Mono bass, and up to 8 basses can be configured as Matrix mixes, each with up to 16 sources. The entire console is wide just over one meter, and includes 16 motorized channel faders with fixed and adjustable layers, 8 output VCA faders and 2 master faders. The new 22-inch touch screen displays show the parameters for 16 channels per row, while the upper display shows the output section, the Cue list and the menu. The control of parameters is performed using the 16 rotary encoders placed in two rows. Another useful option is the control via the new ViSi Remote 2.0 software. It is an application for iOS operating system that provides remote control of digital consoles, without additional hardware. In the new 2.0 version, new functionalities were added to further simplify mixer control from any position. For multi-track recording of audio content, the computer with an optical RME cards was delivered.


When it comes to speakers, except for 2 units of JBL EON515TX, also 4 JBL PRX735 and 4 PRX715XLF were delivered. JBL PRX735 is an active bass-reflex speaker box of 15" and 1500W, while PRX715XLF is an active bass-reflex subwoofer, with bass of 15", and power of 1500W. Class D amplifiers were built in, and the novelty is that PRX735 box has two inputs, enabling direct connection of two microphones and microphone or other audio source - without the use of external mixers.


HME DX100 mobile wireless intercom system with 4 communication units was delivered, intended for communication between the director and the audio and lighting operators and cameramen. Its main advantage is the uncompromising quality in signal transduction.


To power the entire system, the energy racks with socapex connectors and appropriate multicore power cables were provided. To connect audio system, sets of multi-core audio cables made by Sommer Cable were supplied, type Mistral 8ch and 32ch, and a set of microphone cables from the same manufacturer type Stage22, while the signal cables for connecting the lighting system are AES / EBU cable type 234 with Binary 5-pin Neutrik connectors.