Audio-video, presentation and conference system for the Rektorat of the Novi Sad University

AVL Projekt delivered audio-video presentation and conference system for the new Rektorat building of the University of Novi Sad

  • Client: The Rektorat of the Novi Sad University
  • Date of project: 2014

The state of the art solutions were implemented regarding the distribution of audio and video signal through the structural Ethernet network. Thus, the effective control and distribution, as well as the modularity of the system were enabled.


Ambient sound equipment in the Rektorat’s halls include the JBL outdoor models Control CRV, Control 29AV i Control 25, whereas the built-in ceiling speakers found their place in the Rektorat’s offices. Due to the complexity and the size of the building, the ambient sound system is based on 100V line.  A computer, an internet radio played via Sonos Connect and a CD player are all the sources of sound. Crown amplifiers, model 280MA, as well as Crown CDi 1000 were installed. Signals are sent by DBX 1261 and zone controllers DBX ZC8 which enable the full control of audio signals. The distribution of video signals to the full 42’’ HD LED screens is performed by HDMI extender and splitter.


The amphitheater represents the central technological unit. The main part of the audio system consists of digital audio matrix BSS Soundweb London BLU-160 with the wall-mounted control unit BSS BLU-6. The sources of sound (PC, Blue-Ray player and wireless microphone system) are connected to the amplifier Crown Xti 4000  and loudspeakers JBL CBT70J via these, thus enabling balanced and uniform sound coverage and excellent understanding of what the speaker is saying. The multifunctional room 7 is also connected to the aforementioned matrix which enables the simple „extension“ of the amphitheater, when needed. The audio system in this room, number 7, consists of Crown Xli 800 and loudspeakers JBL CBT50.


Somewhat smaller conference system AKG WMS 4500 is used for the desk and the speaker’s stand. It is connected to the IR system for simultaneous translation made by Braehler. The system supports 2 languages by using translating consoles Braehler DOL7/2E and 100 pcs of 32-channel receivers Braehler IRX 32. The system can be easily expanded.


The central part of the video system is represented by the digital HDMI matrix 8x8. The distribution of audio and video signals is carried through HDMI extender and Ethernet cable. The projection system consists of the two powerful projectors Christie L2K1000, with light beam of 10000 ANSI lumens, resolution 2K (2048x1080) which project the picture onto 2 electromotive, projection screens of 136’’. The projectors are very silent when in operation, so there is no noise disturbance while the lecture is on. In addition, the video signal is distributed onto 2 full HD LED 55’’ monitors in multifunctional room 7.


The room 9 is on the 2nd floor and it is intended to be used for the University of Novi Sad Deans’ meetings.  The central part of this audio/video presentation system consists of 2 HDCP video scalars/switchers, each of which has 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs. The 2 Christie LWU505 and Christie LW41 and 2 full HD LED 55’’ monitors are connected via these inputs/outputs. The amplifying group is made of Crown Xti 2002 amplifiers, and also loudspeakers JBL CBT70J and CBT50 were delivered. 4 pcs of AKG WMS 470 were delivered as the wireless microphone system.


Televic Confidea DV is the mobile wireless conference system with the unit for the chairman Televic Confidea CV. The system was delivered with the suitcase which is, at the same time the charger. 12 wireless units, together with the batteries, microphones and access point fit into one suitcase. The software for the recording and the software for the voting were also delivered. The control of the conference system can be done by webserver, smartphone or tablet. Built-in lithium-ion batteries guarantee the full autonomy of the system of 20 hours.  


The small presentation system Harman Kardon AVR 170 with DVD player and full HD LED 55’’ monitor was installed in the rector’s office.  The audio system consists of JBL SB100 soundbar system with the additional subwoofer JBL SP150.


The 10-unit Televic D-CERNO D conference system was also installed with the unit for the chairman Televic D-CERNO C.  The control of the units is enabled via touch sensitive buttons. The microphones on the units are protected by a special protective layer in order to prevent possible interruptions caused by other devices like mobile phones. The central unit provides the possibility to record the sessions on USB in MP3 or WAV format. The control is maintained via webserver, smartphone or tablet.



Audio/video systems were installed in the classrooms on the 1st and 2nd floor, as well as in the library on the ground floor. The central part of the video system is HDCP video scaler/switcher. The projection system consists of the interactive board and the projector Christie LWU505 (light beam 5000 ANSI lumens, resolution WUXGA (1920x1020)) which project the picture onto 1 electromotive, projection screen of 106’’. The distribution of audio signal is done by zone controller DBX 1261, while the amplifying group consists of  Crown Xti 1002 amplifiers, while JBL CBT50 loudspeakers and AKG WMS 470 wireless microphones were also delivered.


The small AV system was installed in the Club 12 on the ground floor. It consists of Harman Kardon AVR 170 with Blu-Ray player and 2 full HD LED 46’’ monitors. 12 ceiling loudspeakrs were also delivered, as well as Sonos Connect for internet radio.


Sommer Cable was the choice when it came to connecting the whole system.