ETC S4 Mini for the National Museum in Belgrade

AVL Projekt delivered the profile light fixtures ETC S4 Mini to the National Museum in Belgrade... because good things come in small packages

  • Client: The National Museum in Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified needs


ETC S4 Mini light fixtures were installed for the exhibition "Ruben’s circles", which was held on Saturday. 17th May 2014, at the National Museum in Belgrade.


Implemented solution


These reflectors have a wide range of applications, whenever it is necessary to have an excellent optics, functionality, quality and energy savings. Therefore, there was no doubt what to offer as a solution to this renowned cultural institutions.


The most important characteristic of ETC S4 Mini are extremely small dimensions. It is only 23 cm long, 6.3 cm wide and weighs only 1.2 kg. It has adjustable focus with rotating blades for a variety of effects which you can see in the attached photos from the exhibition. It has a slot for gobo.


It comes in different angulation of 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°. It can be mounted on a hook, ceiling or on three-phase rail. As a light source halogen MR16 bulb is used with power of 50 W. It can be ordered in different colors.


ETC S4 Mini represents a practical solution for the lighting needs of museums, art galleries, restaurants, storefronts, cafes and clubs.


ETC S4 Mini LED is also available, as an option and in LED technology. It looks like its predecessor with a halogen lamp and the same angulation, but with built-in LED light source and 14W LED lamp with operating life of over 35,000 hours.