Audio system for the rowing club „Danubius 1885“ from Novi Sad

In April 2014, AVL Projekt installed the audio system for the rowing club "Danubius 1885"

  • Client: The rowing club "Danubius 1885", Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified Needs


Given the limited financial resources available at the time, it was important for the representatives of the club to get the audio system which would meet the current needs and would be later easily upgradable.

The dominant was the need to bring sound to the room where the rowers spend the rest time, in the gym where they exercise and where the employers have their breaks. 



Implemented Solution



The basis of the implemented system is a multi-channel amplifier ECLER with 6 independent zones. For the start, three channels are used: 2 channels for the gym and 1 channel for the small cafe within the club premises. We used the JBL Control One surface-mounted speakers and the JBL HTI6C speakers for installation in the ceiling.


The implemented system allows easy and quick upgrade. In fact, investing in multi-channel amplifier now, means less costs later. Then it will be necessary only to purchase the additional speakers for additional rooms to be tuned, but not the new amplifier. Everything is already there in one device, the amplifier ECLER.


Besides the possibility of upgrading, another important use-value of this system is that in each zone the volume can be controlled independently. The users within each zone may wish to turn up or down the music or completely turn it off. The sound source, thanks to the Lexicon Omega media card can be a laptop, or any tablet, smartphone, iPhone or iPod.

The system comes at a very affordable price considering that it is a centralized sound reinforcement of the entire building.


In addition to the described audio system, JBL EON315 portable active speaker was delivered, with appropriate tripod stand and cable for connecting audio sources (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). It is designed for use in the small hall for training on the floor. If necessary, it can be placed outdoors.


The above equipment was installed in a single day.


The multi-channel amplifiers with integrated DSP processor (EQ, compressor crossover filters, delay) are often used in situations where it is necessary to implement a centralized audio system that is capable of independent control of the zones.