The conference system for the Patriarchal Palace in Belgrade

AVL Projekt installed the conference system in the Meeting Room of the Patriarchal Palace in Belgrade in May 2014

  • Client: The Patriarchal Palace in Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified needs


The regular annual session of the Holy Assembly of Bishops was set for May 14th 2014. Considering the importance of the assembly, it is chaired by the Patriarch Irinej. Therefore, it was necessary to provide a reliable, yet simple to use discussion system in order to prevent any technical problems to occur. 



Implemented solution


Our engineers installed the system based on the Televic central unit D-Cerno CU-R. It enables audio recording of the sessions directly on USB memory in MP3 and WAV format, so that the clarks can later listen to the session and make notes about it. The recordings can also be stored on the computer  for the sake of archiving them. The microphone units fit the interior of the meeting hall enormously.

Each unit has, beside a microphone, also a speaker which additionaly tunes the speaker, thus enabling him to clearly hear the current speaker, regardless od the distance.  


The basic characteristic of the system is its simple use. Each unit contains only one button used both to enable a speaker to address the members of the meeting and to turn on the microphone. The chairman of the assembly has the possibility to give the word to the next speaker, to interrupt the current speaker at any time, or to turn off all the others so that he can speak.


In addition, the system can be easily extended. The introduction of new units is simple and quick.





The main challenge was the short term. In just 7 days we needed to do the following: import the equipment, prepare the meeting room, install the equipment and set it to work. Everything was done on time, to the satisfaction of the client and the AVL Projekt engineers.

AVL Projekt has connected the installed system via UPS-a (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to ensure the stability. The building and the installations are old and sometimes irregularities in the electric power supply can occur.