Audio, video and light equipment for the project ScenTec

AVL Projekt delivered in June 2014, the audio, video and lighting equipment to the Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad and The Faculty of Drama Arts from Belgrade

  • Client: The faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad and the faculty of drama art from Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified Needs


The design of a stage is an area of the professional, artistic, curator and theoretical-critical action. It includes the different areas of stage production in theatres and architecture – stage architecture, technology, scenery and the design of all the elements of a scenery picture. The scenery design belongs the interdisciplinary field of the intersection of architecture, theatre and visual arts.  

For this reason, both of the faculties needed to support the lectures on the stage design with the relevant and practical training using the relevant equipment. By applying for the project defined as „530810-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPHES DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF COURSES FOR THEATRE TECHNICIANS AND STAGE MANAGERS (ScenTec)“ they managed to get the necessary funds for buying the needed equipment.



Implemented Solution


The digital audio console Soundcraft Si Expression 2 (picture 1) has been manufactured to take a leading position in the field of small, compact and low-cost audio consoles. The delivered model contains 24 faders and microphone inputs which enable processing up to 66 inputs via Soundcraft Mini stagebox (picture 2). Extension with additional inputs is possible through MADI protocol. The new series of audio consoles Soundcraft Si Expression offers all the leading standards of signal processing: BSS, dbx, Lexicon, as well as many advanced functions taken from the big consoles - iPad ViSi remote control, Fader Glow – thanks to which they offer much more possibilities than the rest of the consoles in its class.


The sound system consists of JBL PRX715 and PRX718XLF with accompanying transport bags and stands. DBX 260 Drive Rack procesor is in charge of processing the audio signals.


The studio monitors JBL LSR 308 with LEXICON IO82 8-channel audio card and the adequate recording software were delivered, as well as AKG microphone Perception 220 and studio headphones AKG K171 MKII, all as being a part of the studio recording system.


LSR 308 is characterized by the professional performances at affordable price.  They are the first studio monitors based on JBL’s "Image Control Waveguide" technology which provides an excellent sound image.  


As part of the audio system, the AKG series WMS 470 was delivered, consisting of wireless microphone system with 4 bugs and 4 pilot microphones. As an addition for the stage, AKG HM1000 with CK32 Omni-directional cap was installed.


ETC professional lighting  is an excellent choice for students at the stage design department. The installed lighting fixtures are recognized for their operating flexibility, simple lamp change and simple setting the focus and angle. The installation is quick and easy, and visually they fir any interior design. ETC light fixtures from series S4 use HPL lamps and are energy efficient for 25-40% more compared to light fixtures using standard lamps. Also, the price of HPL lamps is lower and they are produced by all the major lamp manufacturers in the world.


To control the lighting system ETC ION 1024 lighting console was delivered with two monitors and an additional wing with 2x10 faders. The console has 2 DMX inputs and ArtNet protocol support. It provides work with 4 x 1000 color palettes (intensity, focus, color, and beam), 1000 memories, 1000 groups, 1000 effects,  1000 macros, etc.  


ROBE Robin 300LED Wash, the intelligent wash spotlight made in LED technology with 19 RGBW diodes, was used to color paint the scenery.  All the diodes are organized in three concentric rings which can be independently controlled. The energy use is only 200W.


The digital projector Christie LWU 421 will be used for presentational lectures, accompanied with the projection screen. Several MacBook Pro 13‘‘ were delivered as part of the video system.


The audio system at the Faculty of Drama Arts consists of Soundcraft Si Expression 2 with Mini Stagebox and DBX 260 audio processor and active Line Array system JBL VRX. VRX932LAP and subwoofer VRX918SP are an excellent choice for the stage at the faculty. JBL PRX712 are used as the monitor loudspeakers. je i bio jedan od zahteva korisnika.


To connect the audio and lighting system, Sommer Cables were used, type Stage 22 and Binary 234.