Video-presentation equipment for the administrative building of the project "Belgrade Waterfront"

During June and July 2014 and as part of the initial phase of the project Belgrade Waterfront, AVL Projekt delivered and installed the interactive video-presentation equipment

  • Client: Eagle Hills - Belgrade Waterfornt
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified Needs


The investor „Eagle Hills“ wanted to offer the possibility to all the interested parties (companies and individuals, as well) to become acquainted  with the master plan and the phases of the construction of the possibly the biggest construction project in Serbia. By means of the interactive presentations the investor wanted to supply each visitor with the modern insight into the look and functionality of the entire complex.



Implemented Solution


The delivered equipment was installed in the 3 different rooms as part of the first phase of the implementation.  The two video walls (containing four 55” Hyundai screens each) found their place in the Eagle Hills Lounge. They offer interactive functionality thanks to the added Touch Frame device. It enables 32 simultaneous touches to use the interactive content on the video wall.  


The Eagle Hills reception desk is equipped with the 60” professional screens Sharp and BrightSign devices which enable the display of the appropriate video content.  The screen itself is mounted onto the MDF improvised wall.  


The Interactive Lounge also contains Sharp 60” professional screen and BrightSign Digital Signage device. The screen is placed on the wall and MDF framed in order to fully fit the exhisting interior design.


In the second phase of the installment and as a temporary solution, a video wall with 50 state-of-the-art Christie MicroTiles was installed in cooperation with our friends from ZOOM Media. As a permanent solution DarkLight indoor LED screen  P3.76, dimensions 3.3 x 1.9 meters was delivered in mid July 2014.





After the delivery and installation of the equipment, AVL Projekt’s team provided the technical support during the grand opening of the reconstructed building of Geozavod and the presentation of the project itself. In the coming days, the same team provided his client with the appropriate education on the installed equipment proper usage.