Audio system for the restaurant „Baštino“ in Belgrade

AVL Projekt designed and installed in August 2014 the audio system for the restaurant „Baštino“ in Belgrade

  • Client: Restaurant "Baštino" - Roda Cineplex
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified Needs


The client needed the solution for the audio system for various purposes designed and installed in short time. This was possible thanks to the good selection of the system components, efficient designing and quick delivery and installment.  



Implemented Solution


Severall different speakers were used: JBL Control 29AV and Control ONE AW. All of them are intended for outdoor installment, bad weather resistant and painted in white colour that does not fade. They come with wall mounts so the installment was easy, as well as directing the speakers toward a specific direction. The sensitivity of these speakers enabled the warm sound, even in low volumes expected in restaurants.


Control 29AV are meant for evening parties with DJs or stand up comedians, and even for live music shows when louder reproduction is needed.  


JBL ES250PW is intended for the reproduction of low frequencies. This active, wireless subwoofer, in addition to great power, offers also the possibility of wireless transmission of audio signal from the processor. So, if needed, it can be placed anywhere in the room. In winter it is used indoor, and in summer outdoor, for the cinema projections.


DBX ZonePro 640, the zone audio processor, as the central element of the system, enabled its simple zone settings (internal space, garden, private dining room which require quiet music) and the selection of predefined sets for live shows. Wall zone controller DBX ZC8 enables easy choice of audio sources in each of the zone (iPod, DJ, D3 receiver), as well as simple volume control. The employees themselves can control the system without being worried that „something will go wrong“.


CROWN XLS amplifiers with DriveCore technology supply enough power with minimum heat dissipation. It was important to pay attention to this because they were placed behind the bar where several different appliances were placed (fridge, cafe machine and similar). DriveCore DSP enabled simple settings and the protection of the speakers from burnout.




The construction works were late, so it was necessary to quickly deliver, install and set to work the whole system. The technicians from AVL Projekt, in coordination with the construction workers, managed to accomplish this in matter of only couple of days.