Multimedia system for the church of St. Paul in Kotor, Montenegro

AVL Projekt designed and installed digital audio-video system in the church of St. Paul in Kotor, Montenegro

  • Client: St. Paul's Church in Kotor, Montenegro
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified needs


The reconstruction works on the Church of St. Paul in Kotor, Montenegro began several years ago. The part of it, scheduled for the end of the reconstruction included also the equipping of the space of the church in such a way that it served as a multimedia hall.  Namely, the intention of the competent institutions in Kotor and Montenegro was for the church to host different events, such as congress meetings, music, art and literature happenings, weddings and baptizing ceremonies. 

For this reason it was necessary to design highly functional audio/video/conference system that will ensure high perspicuity of a speaker and sound in general in the critical acoustics surrounding. 



Implemented solution





JBL CBT loudspeakers  (constant beamwidth technology) were installed. They are specifically designed for the spaces where a lot of attention has to be put in the area of targeting the audience.  These loudspeakers ensure precise directing of the sound in the spaces with specific acoustics demands.







Crown DriveCore Install series of digital network amplifiers found its place in the installed system. This series of amplifiers provides the system integrators with the advanced settings and with flexibility needed in the installment and programming of the sound in the 21st century.   









The installed equippment also contains Kramer video switcher/scaler, Kramer extenders for  HDMI and RGB signals, dbx, as well as Televic conference system.










Apart from being focused on providing high perspicuity of the installed system, there was an additional focus, not to distort the appearance of the church which consists of two parts joint in one building. Therefore, it was necessary to obtain the formal approval of the Montenegro Institute for Protecting the Monuments. 

In addition, due to the short deadline of just 5 days, work under pressure was present,