Audio, video and light system for the cultural institution Steamship

Installation of audio, video and lighting system with preserving mobility of the installed components and energetic efficiency

  • Client: The cultural institution Steamship, Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2013

This spring, the team of "AVL Projekt" had worked on installation of audio, video and lighting system for cultural institution "Steamship", located in Belgrade. On May 11th 2013 the facility was finished, which was celebrated with performance of the music band from Belgrade named "Repetitor".


Located in the entering hall, the audio system is based on JBL PRO active speakers system from PRX600 Series, which led to satisfying compromise: on one hand, its small weight and simple montage provides mobility and reinstallation of the entire system by user. On the other hand, high quality speakers can be used even for demanding events such as rock concerts. The system's purpose is dual: it can be used for scenic monitoring and - by using stand with JBP speakers - it provides the existence of the small independent sound system.


In the small hall intended for cinematic projections 7.1 surround system, was installed, supplied by the strongest Harman Cardon's AVR receiver, which was a very efficient solution. Thanks to advanced setting of Christie DLP projector, implementation of the projector in the cinema and entering hall was done by precisely determined plans, in spite of challenge in the form of specific location of the projector (which is situated above the upper egde of the panel). This problem was succesfully resolved by using the electronic function of Lens Shift, which led to fitting the picture into 16:10 panel on the wall.


Christie 3LCD Projector Technology offers FullHD image with high contrasting, even with the use of front and back light in the entering hall. It is very often for cultural institutions to use projectors intended for home use, which leads to insufficient lighting, distortion or inadequate size of the image, due to improper installation. Using aforementioned tehnology provides affordable price and top quality.


The problem of the lighting was solved by satisfying the highest criteria of energetic efficiency: using carefully chosen technologies - ETC luminaries - with HLP 575 light bulbs, providing lighting of the same amount as using standard 1kW light bulbs. Annually, this will lead to significant power saving. Another benefit of the usage of this system is its mobility - ETC dimer stripes allows very simple installation of the fixtures and their monitoring. Control function is administred by ETC SmartFade control desk with intuitive menu which is very user frinedly.


In the moment of the project realisation, construction works on CI "Parobrod" has been done, so our team faced the challenge of installing the equipment in completely finished building. The instalation crew of "AVL Projekt" completely responded to this challenge.