Light, audio and video equipment for the new TV studio 1 of Grand Production

AVL Projekt designed, delivered and implemented the light, audio and video system for the new studio of Grand Production in September 2014.

  • Client: Grand Production
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified needs


The Grand Production needed a completely new studio and accompanying equipment for producing and broadcasting the new program content. It is TV Studio 1. The show "The Grand's Stars" has been produces in this studio since the end of September this year. 

Thanks to the previous successful cooperation, when Studio 5 and Studio 7 were equipped, it was no wonder that the management of the Grand Production decided to call AVL Projekt to design and equip Studio 1. It was a logical sequence of events. 



Implemented solution


32 ROBE Pointe spot lights were implemented. These intelligent lights, although small sized, have great performances. They can work as Beam, Spot, or Wash, all integrated into one product.  In addition, their key feature is that they have rotating and static gobos , circular and linear prism, very strong brightness, and also  0° light beam.


As followspot lights, Lycian ZOT 12  light were delivered with metal-halid lamp of 1200W and accompanying tripod stand. Simple to use, with fine tuning of focus for the soft and sharp edge of the light beam.

LED network P10 was also implemented with pixel pitch of 10mm, in SMD technology. It can be bended which provides a production designer with more designing options. 

It is placed in front of the contestants, in a round shape, hiding them from the jury and ocassionally lifted up, if necessary. 


German ProLed LED stripes with controllers were also delivered for the round ring in which a contestant stands while performing.  


ShowTex screens were delivered in black/silver colour and fire resistant, as the stage production element. 


Soundcraft Vi1 digital audio console was once again the choice of audie engineers from Grand. This is so because it was originally designed to equaly satisfy the needs of broadcasting, touring and fixed installations while remaining compact in size and with affordable price. One of its useful options is a remote control of the console by the new ViSi Remote 2.0 software without any additional hardware.



For monitoring the system, the loudspeakers JBL LSR305 were delivered. They are characterised by a very good combination of professional quality performances and price. 


Also HME intercom system for communication was installed in the TC studio to enable communication between operators and directors. It is characterised by uncompromising quality in distribution of signals. 


Sommer Cable has also found its place in the total installation, to connect the audio and light systems. 



Challenges during implementation


The greatest challenge during the installation of all the systems was to coordinate different technological solutions (audio, video and lighting equipment) with the construction works and with the stage production elements.