Tour-guide system for the town of Majdanpek

AVL Projekt delivered the tour-guide system for the municipality of Majdanpek in September, 2014. The delivery is the result of participation on the EU tender, within the IPA program dedicated to the cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Serbia.

  • Client: Municipality Majdanpek
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified needs


One of the backbones of the program is to increase the competitiveness of the municipality od Majdanpek in tourism by creating preconditions for more intense movement of tourists, all based on the rich archaeological heritage of this area. Considering the specificity of such touristic sightseeing it was necessary to provide simultaneous listening to the tourist guide speaking and walking around a site. 



Implemented solution


Wireless tour-guide sistem WAVELINK (produced by RSF) enables clear addressing the audience at open space, without interference between different groups and without any contamination of the sound. Regardless of the distance, the voice of the tour guide can be heard clearly, with surrounding noise cancellation.  


This latest line of products of RSF Wavelink has all the performances of the modern tour-guide system at affordable price.


60 receivers with headphones were delivered. Each user has a total control over the volume and the quality of the sound. During the breaks, when there is no talking to listen to, an adequate music can be played.  WAVELINK system has all the qualities for the broadest possible audio usage. It can be programmed to work on several languages, so that it can serve visitors from different speaking countries. 


WAVELINK has also brought revolutionary innovation in the field of audio guide systems by using only two simple AA bateries whose lifetime can go up to three months.  In addition, the suitcase which is a charger at the same time facilitates handling the device in the best possible way, as well as simple distribution.


Its characteristics are:

  • Simple to use, comfortable, ergonomic
  • High-quality digital sound 
  • Possibility of distribution of voice and sound, in different languages 
  • Ready-to-use, right after delivery
  • Revolutionary power supply 
  • Minimum space needed for storage and use 
  • Weather resistant 
  • Reliable, 2-years warranty 


We have delivered similar systems also for:

  • Belgrade Fortress (50 units, 6 languages)
  • tour-guide system for Tarkett iz from Backa Palanka
  • tour-guide system for the Touristic Organisation of Belgrade