The installment of the largest LED screen in the Balkans

The new season of the popular Grand Production TV shows began with a completely modified set design decorated with interesting aesthetic solutions. AVL Projekt has implemented a complete LED video system and a system of movable set curtains

  • Client: the-installment-of-the-largest-led-screen-in-the-balkans
  • Date of project: 2012

The need for a LED screen of "real" dimension


The TV studio, where the Grand's shows are recorded, extends to about 1250 m². The new stage occupies almost half of that space. Within that space, AVL Projekt installed LED screens of total area of 153 m², which is the biggest LED screen ever placed in this part of Europe.





The video system is controlled through the Hippotizer Stage Media Server, and an interesting addition to the overall design of the scenes are moving scenery curtains produced by Showtex company.





For the complete system - including the supporting structure, stage rails and devices for lifting and moving the curtains, as well as the complete logistics - from idea till starting up the system - AVL Projekt took care of it all.