The installation of the audio system in Madlenianum

Opera & Theatre Madlenianum, supported by an expert team of AVL Projekt and appreciating the correct and long-standing business relationship, expanded and improved its existing audio system

  • Client: Opera & Theatre Madlenianum
  • Date of project: 2012

The need to expand the audio system


Extending the audio system was realized due to technological demands caused by having the world hit musical "Rebecca" in Serbia, which premiered at the scene of this magnificent theater on December 9, 2012.

The cooperation between Madlenianum and our house has been ongoing since 2005, when they entrusted us for the first time to implement the suggested solutions for audio and lighting systems. Thanks to the offered design, today's audio system expansion, although carried out after 7 years, was realized very quickly and efficiently.





The digital audio console Soundcraft Vi6 is in charge of the control and management of the entire audio system. Since the production of the musical "Rebecca" is based on live performance with full orchestra and sound reinforcement of the entire cast, it was necessary to enlarge audio console with additional input channels. Thanks to the installation of third-DSP card, the additional 32 input channels were provided (60 were already there), achieving a total of 92 digital input audio channels.

Each of the input audio channel was supported by the legendary BSS processing, and thanks to VM² function the monitoring of the status of any HiQnet-compatible AKG's wireless microphone system was provided (battery, RF status, mute function, indication clip), giving the operator the ability to monitor as well as the much needed confidence in live performance.

The complete distribution of audio signals was transferred to a digital line to eliminate the possible unpleasant hum and buzz (which occur in analog lines because of the length of the route and susceptibility to irradiation), while the digital protocol was completely immune to radiation power and lighting (dimming) installation. BSS BLU LINK protocol / Digital snake was selected as the best solution, because of the ability to carry up to 256 audio channels, negligible delays (Latency: 4Fs), supporting redundant (spare) lines and easy deployment in existing cable system (transmitted via standard CAT5 cable) .

At two positions in the audio system (in the director’s room and where the amplifiers are situated) interconnected BSS BLU 120 digital processors were set (linking was done in the configuration of the ring, by using CAT5 cable). This connection provides assurance that if there is an interruption of the chain on a certain route, the system automatically switches to communication through the other end of the ring, without any interruption in transmission.





The implementation of this system enabled the transmitting of digital audio signal at different locations in the theater and no loss (which outdated analog lines are not able to provide).

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