Audio and video presentation system for Grundfos company

AVL Projekt installed the first Video Signage System in Serbia for its client, the "Grundfos" company

  • Client: Grundfos
  • Date of project: 2013

The Needs of Grundfos


Grundfos is one of the world's leading manufacturer of circulation pumps for heating, which covers about 50% of the world market. In addition to pumps, Grundfos produces standard and submersible motors, as well as superior electronics for monitoring and controlling the pumps. With the construction of a new facility in Indjija, Grundfos plans to ensure stable development in the Balkan region and to strengthen its market position.


The request of Grundfos was to design and carry out a flexible audio and video presentation system whose solution should meet the stringent standards of business of the company, should be implemented throughout the building and the solution should be based on the latest available technologies.



Implemented solution


Based on the observed facts and terms of reference, the AVL Projekt engineers have proposed a solution that fully complies all the technical and technological requirements and needs of Grundfos.


This solution includes:


·         The system of digital advertising (Digital Signage System)

·         Professional audio and video presentation equipment installed in a large meeting hall, cafeteria, training hall and entrance hall

·         Video distribution system


Digital advertising system (Digital Signage System) consists of a series of monitors integrated into the system and placed throughout the building. Thanks to the video distribution system and application of currently the highest quality software package on the market, it is possible to edit the video content of each monitor in the system individually, to share pictures on multiple independent zones, dynamic RSS feed, to update content from the Internet, as well as to define the schedule of play. Depending on the size and purpose of area, monitors in the appropriate size of the diagonal (152cm / 60 ''; 106cm / 42 '' or 81cm / 32 '') are installed.


The training hall and canteen are designed as modern multimedia classrooms and are fully qualified to perform business meetings and educational trainings. Both halls have a system for presentation via video Full HD DLP projector and motorized projection screens, whose functions are automated. Given the size and purpose of the space, two LED monitors were installed in the cafeteria, and connected to the digital signage system of the entire building.


The heart of the system, which is responsible for the complete processing and distribution of audio and video signals, for the control of motorized projection screen, for the management of DLP video projectors, as well as for communication with the wall control unit of the halls, is audio/video processor/controller Kramer. To take the full advantage of the above system, the functions of the panel are extended to the regulation of the level of audio signals as well as controlling the level of brightness in the room. For the purposes of multimedia presentations, sound is distributed through the built-in double circuit speakers (JBL), which are symmetrically arranged on the left and on the right of the projection screen.


In smaller meeting rooms, as well as in the hall of the video conference, small LED monitors were installed with diagonal of 106cm/42 ''. All rooms have a built-in ceiling speakers (JBL), and portable computers are used as source of audio signals.


Video distribution system integrates all installed monitors. The transfer of video content is done through the corporate LAN network, while video signal is transmitted with the DVI / HDMI cables.





After wiring and starting up the system, the expert team of AVL Projekt performed an adequate training of staff and introduced them into all the possibilities of the implemented solution.