Lighting for the 1700th anniversary celebration of Edict of Milan agreement

AVL Projekt provided the lighting desk Avolites Titan Mobile for the National Theatre in Niš

  • Client: The National Theater in Nis
  • Date of project: 2013

The Needs of the National Theatre in Niš


The lighting desk Avolites Titan Mobile showed its power by controlling the fascinating lighting park at the National Theatre in Niš during the celebration of the 1700th anniversary of the signing of the Edict of Milan.



Implemented Solution


Avolites Titan Mobile summarizes the strength of the mighty Titan software, in "concentrated" package, measuring the size of a laptop bag, making it suitable for easy placement in any room. The desk has 4 DMX line, integrated media server control, Live Playbacks, Solo and Flash command knobs, as well as buttons for personal programming. With a laptop computer, it enables precise, fast and extremely easy lighting control.


AVL Projekt cooperates with Avolites as an authorized supplier of their equipment providing a complete professional and technical support during warranty period, and beyond. Within our premises, we have a fully equipped Show Room in which you can test this console by your own and with the support of our professional staff and get acquainted with its superior performance.



About the Edict of Milan


Edict of Milan is the legal act by which the Roman Emperor Constantine put an end in 313 to the historic tercentenary persecution of Christians and ensured the right to everyone “to believe what his heart wants."


2013 is the jubilee year and celebrates 1700 years since the enactment of this Act. As such it will be marked by a series of spiritual and secular events throughout Serbia.