Video and conference system for NIS

AVL Projekt has installed a video-presentation and conferencing system, together with the system for simultaneous translation, in the Serbian oil company NIS

  • Client: NIS
  • Date of project: 2012

The need To Improve the Existing System


The Petroleum Industry of Serbia has entrusted AVL Projekt once again, this time in equipping the renovated conference hall of the main business centers in Novi Sad and Belgrade. In the second phase of construction, both halls have been equipped with video-presentational and control system of the latest generation integrated with previously installed conferencing system and system for simultaneous translation.


The entire solution was performed in accordance with all the requirements of this prestigious, international oil company. The implemented system provides the ease of usage and great comfort in operation, while ensuring maximum functionality thanks to the synergistic effects of all the systems.



Implemented Solution


The conference system is composed of one presidential and several delegate (microphone-speaker) units with condenser microphones on a flexible neck and a lighted ring. The system has a separate delegate unit at a speaker’s stand and a specialized add-on for the control and positioning of PTZ cameras. Additional members and guests at the discussion can actively participate, thanks to wireless microphone systems with the corresponding diversity receivers.


The system for simultaneous translation provides simultaneous translation of the current speaker in three different languages ​​and it transfers audio to participants via individual IR receivers with headphones. The entire system is based on wireless IC technology, ensuring excellent speech intelligibility within the room and immunity to eavesdropping from outside. For the purposes of an interpreter, 3 translation consoles were installed which allow alternating work of two interpreters per booth. The signal from the PTZ camera is passed up to the video monitor in the translation room in order to enable translators to track all the events in the hall in easier way.


The audio system is derived by applying the ceiling speaker systems with independent control of each pair of speakers installed. For the purpose of playing music and other supporting audio and video content, the separate speaker systems were installed with a specially controlled radiation, thanks to which the exceptional coverage of the hall was achieved and user-friendliness was provided. (RASTI - Room Acoustic Speech Transmission index is over 0.75)


The video presentation system consists of camera systems and video distribution systems. It is used to support video-conference connections, as well as all types of presentations. The installed professional camera features an optical magnification up to 27 times and give the possibility for automatic positioning at the speakers who turn on the conference microphone. The motorized projection screens and DLP Projectors with brightness 4000 ANSI lumens were also installed. The video signal is distributed to each project separately, allowing the design of different images on each screen. On the side walls of the halls, on stilts, the professional LCD screens of 40'' were installed which have the ability to change the viewing angle.

The control and the management of systems are provided from two places: directly from the hall by a moderator, the Chairman or a third person, and from the technical director’s room by the attending technician. The management of the hall is done via a touch screen remote control panel, the central unit and related equipment. The control panel in the hall is a desktop-type with wireless connection so it can be placed anywhere.



The Support


The installed system is supported by the latest specialized software modules for the control, management, preservation of information, multi-channel recording and transcription of data, and also has adequate support in the event of a blackout.