Video presentation and conference system for Hyatt Regency in Belgrade

AVL Projekt designed, delivered and installed video presentation and conference system for Hyatt Regency in Belgrade, in October 2014

  • Client: Hotel Hyatt Regency Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified needs


The management of the Hyatt Regency from Belgrade has addressed our team of engineers with the desire and need to improve the existing technological audio-video solutions.  Being the leader in organizing conferences, meetings, scientific gatherings, social and cultural events, as well as private parties, providing these services by offering the use of professional audio i video equipment of high-quality charectiristics is a prerequisiton for retaining the leadership position.  


Implemented solution


The Crystal Ballroom is one of the most famous one with its 559 m2. It can be devided into three independant rooms for smaller gatherings. The team of Studio Berar Projekt installed video projektion szstems in halls A and C. They consist of two powerful projectors Christie LWU501i, which project images onto two motorized projection screens Projecta Elpro Large Electrol, size 181’’(400x255cm). The projectors are very so they do not disturb in any way the ongoing seminars.  Christie 3LCD technology of projectors offers image of high contrast even with the higher levels of ambient light which is a a very significant feature when it comes to holding conferences, seminars and scientific gatherings. Projecting content is done from the computer by connecting it through HDMI. The distribution of audio and video signals is done by HDMI extender and ethernet cable. 


Boardroom is intended to be used during business meetings, at a round table for 12 participants. The modular terminal box is built in the middle of the table together with connecting modules for participants' PCs. There is also the HDMI connector which, b\ means of HDMI extender leads to the 55’’ LCD screen, mounted on the wall. The central place in this room is given to the video procesor Christie Brio. It enables the transfer of information and content (pictures, videos, presentations) between the participants in the meeting, while at the same time displays its own image onto each participant's PC screens. Another advantage of Christie Brio is that the presentations and multimedia content can be shared quickly and easily with the participants who are at distant places. So, you can expand the meeting to other participants also, while the special attention is given to the safety of information transffered.  


The rooms Beograd and Budva can be combined into one room with the capacity od maximum 150 seated guests. Of course, they can be devided into two separate spaces. The conference system and video projection equipment are available to the clients in these rooms. The central part of audio sistem include digital audio matrix BSS BLU-100 with wall-mounted control units BSS BLU-3. Through these devices all the sources of sound (PC, CD player, wireless microphones) as well as ambient sound system are connected to CROWN CDI1000 amplifier and loudspeakers JBL Control 24CT Micro. With built-in two-system ceiling loudspeakers the sound coverage of each of the rooms has been reached, as well as the excellent understanding of one's speech. Via BSS BLU-3 it is made possible to choose of the programmable scenes, or to activate each of the room respectively. Simultaneous work of both of the rooms is also possible. Each of the control units has the possiblity of independant volume control in each of the rooms. 


The conference room of each of the rooms consists of condenser microphones kondezatorskih mikrofona AKG CGN 99 H/S with the extended, flexible neck 30 cm long. The participants of a seminar are enabled to actively participate in the discussion via wireless microphone systems  AKG Perception Wireless 45 with hand transmitter. Due to the permanent changes of the position of the conference table, the units of the conference systems are connected to the floor terminal box which is, then connected to the digital audio matrix providing in such a way the extreme flexibility of the system. The projectorSHARP PG-LW3500 and the screen are activated remotely, via remote control unit. 


The whole system provides the great operating comfort. A special attention was given to the fitting the system into the existing interior of the rooms. 


Challanges in installation


Considering the fact that it was necessary to retain the existing interior design, the greatest challenge was to build in the motorized screens into the plaster ceiling, as well as to install the cables.