Cinema equipment for Gornji Milanovac

AVL Projekt installed in October 2014 the equipment for the projection of movies in a cinema which is placed inside the cultural center of Gornji Milanovac

  • Client: The Cultural Center Gornji MilanovacGornji Milanovac
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified needs


For the past 44 years The Cultural Centre in Gornji Milanovac has become a modern institution which is an inevitable participant in organizing and the realization of all the cultural projects in Rudnik-Takovo district. . Today it has enough strength and maturity to  undertake new and even more complex projects. One of them is cinema, for sure. 

Their primary goal is becoming more and more professional organizers and of cultural programes every day. 


Implemented solution


The cinema in Gornji Milanovac is funded by the Cultural Center of Gornji Milanovac. The client got a reliable, mobile video-projecting system with surround sound. The system will enable cinema projections not only in the halls of the Cultural Centre and the High School, but  in all nearby small towns. It will be an opportunity for them to project movies and other content in accordance with their needs and desires. 


At this moment the equipment is installe in the hall of High School where it will be placed until the programme for the field is designed. Of course, it will also be used for all the cultural programmes organized by The Cultural Centre of Gornji Milanovac. 


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