The delivery and installation of the conference, video-presentation and control system for the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

In November 2014, AVL Projekt delivered, installed and programmed the conference, video-presentation and control system for the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

  • Client: isporuka-i-instalacija-konferencijskog-video-prezentacionog-i-kontrolnog-sistema
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified Needs



The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center was founded in October 2009, based upon the agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Serbia about the cooperation via humanitarian activities during the emergency circumstances, prevention of the natural disasters and technological accidents.  The Center was officially opened on 25 April, 2012 in Nish. 


Having in mind the seriousness of the emergency situations with which this organisation is to deal with under extreme sircumstances,  the maximum efficent communication is the top priority. This implies the transfer of words, pictures and video of good quality, in the shortest possible period of time without compromising the accuracy of the transferred information.  




Implemented solution


The system deliver is the combination of the various equipment coming from different manufacturers: Televic, Christie, Comm-Tech, Crestron, Extron and Cisco. Televic was a choice when it came to the conference system with the possibility of simultaneous translation in 3 different languages.  Christie is inevitable in the world of projectors and LCD video walls in a control room, accompanied by Comm-Tech projection screens. For A/V distribution and recording, as well as the control, Crestron and Extron equipment was used. Finally, Cisco video-conferencing system enabled video-conferencing connection with the distant centers.  


The implemented system represents the modern way of communication which accelerates the coordination of activities in the crisis situations, thus making it more efficient.  The video-conference connection with other centers enables simple negotiation and agreement and provides accurate insight into the activities to all those involved. The meetings are recorded, the critical decisions are noted, the maps of critical points are displayed onto big screens. All of this without language barriers thanks to the possibility of simultaneous translation.


Wireless control system provides the technicians with easy use and quick control of the system. 


One more efficiency lies in the fact that there are no costs of travelling and preparing the huge amounts of documentation. 






The main challenges during the implementation of the system were: installation of cables when the interior was completely finished; the installation of the projection screens in the ceiling so that they are not seen when not in use. The greatest challeng of all was to ensure the high reliability of the system regarding the fact that when it comes to crisis situations, the efficient communication must not be threatened.