The delivery and installation of Griven LED lighting fixture for Porto Montenegro

AVL Projekt installed Griven LED lighting fixture for illuminating the crane in marina Porto Montenegro in December 2014

  • Client: Porto Montenegro
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified Needs


The task that was put in front of us by the investor was to illuminate the crane 56m high, in the very marina of Porto Montenegro. The specificity of this task was the crane itself, because it is high and narrow object with the limited space to place the LED lighting fixture. In addition, it was necessary to visually integrate the fixture into the exhisting architectural environment.



Implemented solution


Located in the Gulf of Kotor and the most southern fjord in Europe, Porto Montenegro represents the combination of the spectacular destination and the marina with the accompanying world-class services.

Thanks to buildings with the spacious apartments near the sea, restaurants with the traditional cuisine, bars and a wide selection of sports, cultural and leisure activities, this marina is ideal to be a home port for luxury yachts with marine binding of 12m - 180m. 


The choice fell on the Italian manufacturer Griven which is, without any doubt, a leader in lighting with the architectural lighting fixtures. The chosen model Powershine MK2 D uses 192 powerful RGBW diode, and is also available with a great selection of optics for maximum fleksibility in designing the illumination. 


The photometric calculation with 3D rendering was done by the manufacturer and our team and it was given to the investor. LED lighting was installed as the fixture with the double optics which offers completely independent control of each LED segment. Thus, the ideally uniform coverage of the illuminated surface is enabled. The coverage is in accordance with the photometric calculation, even from the distant places. Since the LED fixture is intended to be used externaly, it has a proper IP security.


It is worth mentioning that GRIVEN offers also the lighting fixtures with the protection from the extreme cold, series Polar Edition. These have the integrated system for defrosting with the electric heating of the glass. 


Powershine MK2 D has a built-in LCD control panel for setting the parameters of the colour choice, intensity, mode, presets and sequences. 


The installation of the equipment was done in cooperation with our business partner from Montenegro, the company Telemont from Podgorica. 

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