Video equipment for the cinema hall in the Cultural Center Smederevo

AVL Projekt delivered and installed in December, 2014, the video equipment for the cinema hall in the Cultural Center Smederevo

  • Client: The Cultural Center Smederevo
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


The authorities of the Cultural Center Smederevo wanted to purchase a reliable equipment for video projections which would be used not only in the cinema hall of the Center, but also in the greater hall used for theater performances, as well as for the events organized on the Smederevo Fortress.



Implemented Solution


Having this in mind, Christie LHD7000 was delivered, the digital projector of superior performances which would satisfy all the needs of one cultural center. The projector has brightness of 7000 ANSI lumens and full HD resolution.

With the new Christie 4DColor™ technology and inorganic LCD displays, it increases the color palette for 20% u compared to color palettes of other, comparable 3-LCD models. This results in more natural image, the increase of brightness for 10%, as well as the contrast.

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The automatic filter (up to 10000 hours), easy access to the lamp, lamp life of up to 3000 hours (Eco Mode), reduces the costs of the maintenance of the projector.


With the included motorized objective, the projector can be used in the bigger hall intended for the theater performances, which was one of the requirements of our client.


In addition, the perforated ShowTex Frontscreen Supermat 100% PVC screen was installed, dimensions 400x700cm. It is intended for the front projection. White color, 100% PVC, 425 gr/m2. It fulfills the fire-protecting standard NFP-M2. The projection screen was placed onto the exhisting frame by using the rubber binding which enabled balanced tenseness of the screen. There is a plan to further install the speaker systems  L, R, C  and subwoofer.


We delivered also Crown DSi1000 amplifier, an unrivaled device when it comes to quality and performance, with built-in digital signal processor (DSP). The amplifiers have automatic presets for the JBL cinema loudspeakers which enables perfectly balanced system and makes the cinema a superb experience for any visitor.