Lighting system, trussing and stage curtains for UK Palilula in Belgrade

AVL Projekt has installed a lighting system, trussing and stage curtains for the Theater within The Cultural Institution Palilula

  • Client: The Cultural Institution Palilula
  • Date of project: 2012

Identified Needs

The theater within The Cultural Institution Palilula has been supplied with a new lighting system, dimming units and a control system that provide superior stage lighting. In addition, aluminum trussing and scenic curtains have been installed thus fully meeting the needs of the theater.


Technology Used

Lighting units which have been used as the main lighting are by ETC. Their solutions are characterized by an extremely simple use and application, as well as quick replacement of HPL bulbs, which compared to conventional light bulbs provide energy savings of 25% to 40%. The supplied models are spotlights Source Four series including Zoom Profile angulation of 15-30 ° degrees, then Junior Zoom using HPL575W bulb and has a 25-50 ° angulation, as well as the Source Four Fresnel spotlights with variable angulation ranging from 20-65 ° degrees.

ETC Source Four PAR spotlights in standard ETC package contain 4 interchangeable lenses. Their simple modification changes the width of the light beam, instead of replacing light bulbs as it is the standard with PAR spotlights. These models can also use HPL lamps of different power (575W or 750W). They provide brightness as conventional 1000W bulbs and thus saving energy for up to 40%.

The price of HPL bulb is much more convenient than that of the traditional halogen bulbs and provides considerable energy savings. In addition, it is a product of all the leading manufacturers (Philips, Osram, GE and Ushio). They are of different duration time (from 300 to over 1500h) and of different color temperature from 3050 and 3200K. They are truly an ideal choice of a bulb.

Cyclorama spotlights belong to the DeSisti Lighting products, specifically Giotto model using classical R7s 1000W bulb. Their revolutionary design allows for asymmetric distribution, wide and clean brightness and hard and soft distribution of the light beam, even in the corners.

Lycian, the American supplier, provided followspot lights, model 1250KB, which are currently the strongest halogen cannons on the world market. Angulation of the beam is in the range of 4.3 to 10.3 ° degrees and applied Hi-Brite 1200W, 80V Phillips bulb.

Dimming units are wall-mounted ETC models SmartPack 12ch which offer a choice of different dimming curves, while the power of each dimming channel is 2.3kW. A total of 96 dimming lines were installed, as well as a remote control with a choice of up to 10 presets.

The control and management of lighting system is enabled with lighting desk ETC Element 60-500ch with 60 faders, based on the award-winning Eos software. The Element console features two independent DMX outputs, a maximum number of 300 submasters, and the Ethernet protocol. It also supports the remote management for DeCt phone, iPhone/iPad/iPod devices and phones based on the Android platform. It is very easy to use it and it provides quick and easy control of the entire lighting system. The graphical representation of functions can be monitored on two monitors.

Aluminum trussing comes from LITEC, the Italian manufacturer. It is made of 3 segments, each 3m long and thus creating 15m length trussing for hanging spotlights and other stage elements. For easier and more efficient approach to trussing, electric motors Chain Master in D8 standard have been mounted. The capacity of each installed engine is 1000kg, and their management is made possible via 4-channel control.

The stage curtains are of Belgian supplier Show Tex, model Molton. Curtains are cotton, black and opaque, and are placed on the portal, both sides and the back of the stage, in appropriate dimensions and to meet the most stringent European standards for fire resistance.


Customer Support

After completing the delivery and setting the system to work, the expert team from AVL Projekt trained the technical staff with all the possibilities of working with the system.