Audio mixing console for Radio Vladimirci

AVL Projekt has delivered an analog audio console Souncraft RM 105 for Radio Vladimirci

  • Client: Radio Vladimirci
  • Date of project: 2012

Identified Needs


10 days ago we had our latest delivery of Soundcraft RM 105 analog console for Radio Vladimirci. They entrusted us with purchasing a 20-channel chassis equipped with 3 mono modules EQ; 6 stereo EQ modules with 2 and Telco module with EQ.

In addition to the console, we delivered the power unit which is separated thanks to which the console can be installed at the most appropriate place in the studio.



Soundcraft RM 105 analog console


Soundcraft RM 105 is an analog audio console which is characterized by high adaptability to operational requirements, high quality and ease of use. Being of modular type, the entire console can be specified with 8, 12 or 20 modules depending on the needs of radio stations.

After evaluating a number of users, Soundcraft RM 105 analog audio console is proved to be very reliable and significantly stands out for its functionality compared to competitive models.



About Radio Vladimirci


Radio Vladimirci was founded in 1996 and broadcasts entertainment and informational programs that can be followed at 89.5 MHz.