Studio monitors and light equipment for TV B92

AVL Projekt delivered the studio monitors and light equipment for TV B92 in november 2014

  • Client: TV B92
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


TV B92 and AVL Projekt have had a successful cooperation over the course of the last several years. Thanks to this fact, the TV B92 authorities conntacted us again. They wanted us to adapt the existing dimers in order to get simly expandable and upgradable system with the compatible elements, regardless of the fact that they come from the different manufacturers.



Implemented Solution


AVL Projekt installed spotlights for TV B92, as well as ETC dimmers with harting connectors ( Now, the client wanted to adapt the exhisting dimmers, manufactured by ADB, in such a way that they also had harting connectors. This was done and the result is an easily expandable system.    


Sommer Cable Binary 434  AES/EBU cabel was delivered as the signal DMX cabel. The extremely flexible Sommer Cable ATRIUM FLEX 18x2.5mm2 was used for power supply. This cable retains all of its features even at very low temperature which is of great significance to our client because they will use it for mobile recordings outside the studio.  



To control the lights via computer, Avolites Titan One was delivered (software for light control with USB/DMX adapter via computer). This little dongle is an excellent solution as the back up of the lighting system, because they already have Avolites Titan Mobile and they both use the same software.




For DMX signal distribution, ETC 8-channel splitters which support RDM (remote device managment)were installed. RDM protocol enables 2-way communication between light consoles and spotlights via DMX cable. This enables direct setting the parameters of the spotlight through the console, i.e. getting the feedback from the fixture itself if the error occured.   




Two pairs of JBL LSR 305  were installed in the directing room. These speakers are recognizable for the excellent balance between quality and price.