Audio system for the sports hall in Senta

AVL Projekt set to work the audio system for the sports hall in the town of Senta in December 2014

  • Client: Energotehnika Južna Bačka
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


Our client, Energotehnika Južna Bačka, was selected to participate in building the sports hall in Senta in the field of power supply installations. We were invited to be their subcontractors in the part related to installation of the audio system. Our task was to install such a system that would meet the acoustic challenges typical for a sports hall. In addition, the contractor wanted our team to be engaged from the very beginning of the construction works in order to have an optimum audio system installation.



Implemented Solution


The implementation of the project began with the first construction works, a couple of years ago. Halogen free cables, by SOMMER CABLE, were installed then.


After the roof construction was finished, JBL PRO AE loudspeakers were installed with the help of lifters and special alpinist equipment. JBL AE series is characterized by extremely precise directionality. It contributed to the excellent control and directing the sound towards the spectators and the playground, and not towards those spaces which produce unwanted echoes. Thus, the high speech comprehension was achieved with sufficiently high levels of simultaneous music content reproduction.


When the hard construction works had been done, the rack box with the equipment was implemented, as well as  105 ceiling loudspeakers in all parts of the building, and dozens of attenuators in the offices.


The audio equipment also consists of  CROWN XTi amplifier series which contributed to the easy control of the sound image by the quality DSP processors. The precise filters eliminated the sound waves and minimized the echo levels in the important frequencies. The quality compressors/limiters protected the loudspeakers from too powerful signals.


ECLER MIMO54, the zone matrix, enabled splitting the system of Public Address into more independent zones, as well as connecting the audio system to the fire alarm system with the forced connection. When the fire alarm system switches on, the audio matrix switches to priority mode, all the music sources mute and the priority input, which is connected to the fire alarm audio messages reproducer, is activated. Also, the forced connection on attenuators activates so that the fire alarm message is heard everywhere. Ecler’s 2VSP audio player/tuner has enabled the reproduction of the ambient music.


In the final stage of the project, fine tuning of the system was carried out. The Public Address and fire alarm systems were tested, as well as the user training.