Video wall for the Advertising Agency Žižgin

AVL Projekt delivered the video wall for the Advertising Agency Žižgin in December 2014

  • Client: Advertising Agency Žižgin
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


The Advertising Agency Zizgin, among other things, organizes the trade show exhibitions for its clients. They give the idea for the client's performance and the original form of expression with practical ideas that go beyond the usual norm. In order to ensure as effective as possible presenting of Serbia at The Tourism Fair in Stutgart, Germany, they decided to purchase the video wall. 



Implemented Solution


4 HYUNDAI LCD 55’’, model D55DFB screens were delivered. 




The combination of dynamic video contents and static information and messages, displayed at such video walls, enables the delivery of the desired information to the audience at the right time, at any place, indoor or outdoor (airport, trade shoe, museum, sports center, railway or bus station, shop window, etc.). 








Hyundai LCD 55’’ screens have HD resolution and 500 Nit brightness. They offer the possibility of assembling a big screen out of several smaller without using expensive video processors. They have very thin bazel, only 5.7mm, which boosts up the impression of monolithic feature of joined screens. 




Hyundai LCD 55’’ screen is placed into a solid, metal case which has VESA standard of installing, so it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.





This video wall with high densitiy of pixels and back LED illumination provides high picture sharpness, regardless of the distance from which it is being watched. The built-in, anti-reflective glass minimizes the reflection of the screen. 





The main challenge during the delivery of this video wall was extremely short term of delivery, without the possibility to scroll the set date, due to the fact that the trade show itself had the opening date set. 

As always, the team of AVL Projekt readily accepted the challenge.