Moving linear strip and light consoles for the RTV studio

In January 2015, AVL Projekt delivered the lighting equipment for the media company „Radio-television Vojvodina” in Novi Sad

  • Client: Radio-television Vojvodina
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


Radio-television Vojvodina had the need to equip its two studios with an additional lighting equipment. One of the studios is in Novi Sad, and the other is situated in nearby Petrovaradin. The goal was to impof rove the visual effect made upon the TV audience.  An additional request was to supply their field technicians with a lighting console which would be easy to handle outside a studio, but would retain all the necessary functionalities.



Implemented Solution


One of the elements of the delivered equipment is a compact LEDWash luminaire Robe RobinCycFx8, of 1m length.


It is ideal to be used as a cyclorama wash beam, or as a front light for the speaker, when it is used in order to remove shadows from the lower part of a speaker’s face.  Thanks to the separate control of each of 15W RGBW LED multichip diodes, it can be used for pixel mapping in DMX mode with 53 channels.

As part of the standard set, rigging elements are delivered also, so it is easy to install it vertically. Thanks to the fully adjustable zoom of 8° – 67°, the luminaire can be used to paint the scenery from small distances which is specifically convenient for smaller TV studios. Apart from noise-free operation, another advantage is having the possibility of creating the halogen effect.




For the field work, the light technicians were in the search for the small, light and compact device, with the adequate number of DMX lines to control medium-size events. The choice was the lighting console Avolites Titan Mobile which has an excellent Titan software and 4 DMX lines. Both the Titan Mobila and a laptope fit into one bag, delivered with the equipment.




For the control of the standard lighting fixtures ETC SmartFade 2496 was chosen. It offers the possibility to control 96 dimming channels via individual faders. For less experienced users, one of the most interesting options is quick recording of scenes which is based on pressing only one button.